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Libraries Thriving aims to help libraries communicate their value in all areas of education.

Posted 19 May 2011

Elsevier challenge calls for information discovery solutions ideas from librarians and information professionals.

Posted 19 May 2011

Reuters Live Stream will provide live video coverage of news events worldwide.

Posted 12 May 2011

Three French publishers are suing Google for nearly 10 million euros.

Posted 11 May 2011

Nature Publishing Group expands online availability of Scientific American archive material.

Posted 10 May 2011

The UK's Information Commissioner's Office has published guidance on staying compliant with new EU cookies regulations.

Posted 10 May 2011

The UK's Press Complaints Commission regulations look set to extend to newspaper and reporter Twitter feeds later this year.

Posted 9 May 2011

France move will allow for price fixing for e-books.

Posted 5 May 2011

The report shows Dutch and UK users spend the most time online.

Posted 5 May 2011

The Publishers Association annual Yearbook shows UK digital sales accounted for 6% of all 2010 sales.

Posted 3 May 2011

White paper from IAB Europe looks at the current state of mobile internet access across Europe.

Posted 29 April 2011

TomTom to review data sharing after public backlash.

Posted 29 April 2011

The National Library of France digitisation programme continues.

Posted 28 April 2011

News Corp sets $100 million asking price for MySpace.

Posted 28 April 2011

Delicious has been sold to the founders of YouTube for an undisclosed sum.

Posted 28 April 2011

The Dutch are the top users of both Twitter and LinkedIn, new study shows.

Posted 28 April 2011

UK's Digital Economy Act complies with EU law says judicial review.

Posted 21 April 2011

Semantic search will help identify multiple concepts within single search queries.

Posted 15 April 2011

Autonomy's new search technology Aurasma embeds images and videos onto images of 'real objects'.

Posted 15 April 2011

Microsoft's 'rival to StreetView' will launch in Europe.

Posted 14 April 2011

Kobo, the wireless e-reading service, has announced it is expanding in Europe.

Posted 12 April 2011

The most popular activities include game playing, information searching and emailing.

Posted 11 April 2011

Elsevier is offering $35,000 in an international competition to develop apps to 'accelerate science'.

Posted 8 April 2011

New conference will focus on practical aspects of enterprise search in Europe.

Posted 7 April 2011

Google found guilty of 'defamation' against Italian businessman.

Posted 7 April 2011

The LISRC review is now underway.

Posted 5 April 2011

Microsoft has filed a formal complaint against the internet search giant.

Posted 31 March 2011

Europeana project to document the first World War is seeking German material.

Posted 31 March 2011

The Royal Society of Chemistry has launched RSC Advances in response to the growth in research across the chemical sciences.

Posted 31 March 2011

The UK edition will launch this summer.

Posted 30 March 2011

The quarterly online publication features thought pieces and interviews with industry leaders.

Posted 25 March 2011

Google fined €100,000 in France for data protection breach.

Posted 24 March 2011

Europe leads Firefox 4 download figures

Posted 23 March 2011

Google's legal settlement with publishers and authors challenged in the US.

Posted 23 March 2011

European magazine publishers publish a five point appeal to policy makers.

Posted 21 March 2011

Copyright law in Europe is evolving at a 'dazzling pace' and more change is expected.

Posted 18 March 2011

The New York Times digital subscription model has been announced, and widely debated.

Posted 18 March 2011

French authors and publishers have failed to reach an agreement regarding electronic rights.

Posted 17 March 2011

The European Information Association has announced the winners of its awards for Excellence in European Information Provision.

Posted 16 March 2011

The microblogging service celebrates its birthday by blogging some boggling statistics.

Posted 15 March 2011

The site, dedicated to librarians, offers new features and the chance to win a Kindle!

Posted 14 March 2011

Research report looks at the current usage figures and predicts trends in social networking in the EU5 countries.

Posted 14 March 2011

Mendeley, the academic research tool, is offering a $10,001 prize for a winning app.

Posted 10 March 2011

Talis Information, the library software division of the Talis Group, has been acquired by Capita Software Service.

Posted 4 March 2011

Thomson Reuters' 'Research in View' aggregates and standardises data from disparate sources to provide a unified database.

Posted 4 March 2011

Unannounced antitrust inspections held in e-book companies.

Posted 2 March 2011

Pearson's preliminary 2010 results show strong growth in digital revenues.

Posted 1 March 2011

McKinsey surveyed 4,500 web users in Europe and the US to explore the value they are getting from their 'free' web activity.

Posted 1 March 2011

The literary archive of John le Carre, author of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy and more than 20 other novels, has been gifted to Oxford's Bodleian Library.

Posted 25 February 2011

The European Commission is considering the idea of lowering Value Added Tax rates for online media.

Posted 18 February 2011