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The acquisition will expand ProQuest's e-book delivery and aggregation capabilities.

Posted 23 January 2013

The latest figures show growth in search engines, but a decline in Google's market share.

Posted 22 January 2013

Reports suggest Google's offer to settle French copyright dispute has been rejected.

Posted 22 January 2013

The Public Library in Lausanne has been damaged in a suspected arson attack.

Posted 22 January 2013

Proposed legislation will require tech firms to report security breaches.

Posted 21 January 2013

Smiths News has acquired Erasmus Antiquariat en Boekhandel.

Posted 21 January 2013

Information and knowledge industries call for independent study into the potential impact of OA.

Posted 21 January 2013

Google has released its Google+ iPhone and iPad apps in 48 new countries.

Posted 18 January 2013

Music streaming services such as Spotify are contributing to an increase in sales.

Posted 18 January 2013

British Library exhibition explores the history of crime fiction.

Posted 17 January 2013

John Wiley & Sons has acquired the assets of the FIZ Chemie Berlin.

Posted 16 January 2013

Scholarly publisher Brill and IFLA have announced the IFLA/Brill Open Access award.

Posted 16 January 2013

Latest statistics on internet access across Europe revealed.

Posted 15 January 2013

EU's competition chief believes Google is 'diverting traffic'.

Posted 11 January 2013

Elsevier has bought the engineering information provider Knovel.

Posted 8 January 2013

Google has reached an agreement with the Federal Trade Commission to change some business practices.

Posted 7 January 2013

The UK government is to launch a major campaign to improve education around online security and cybercrime.

Posted 4 January 2013

The latest edition includes biographies of people who died in 2009.

Posted 3 January 2013

Over 650 people charged in the UK in 2012.

Posted 2 January 2013

Belgian media publishers collaborating on shared content payment system.

Posted 2 January 2013

A million historical photographs have been digitised and made available via Europeana.

Posted 28 December 2012

A researcher has discovered the first fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen.

Posted 20 December 2012

Global e-reader sales down by 36% - but Amazon doing well.

Posted 12 December 2012

Successful UK-based OA initiative will be rolled out globally.

Posted 12 December 2012

New journal will cover research and clinical applications.

Posted 12 December 2012

Single EU patent deal agreed after 40 years.

Posted 12 December 2012

Amazon reports app growth and announces new developer service.

Posted 10 December 2012

Rdio, the music streaming service, is now available in Belgium, Estonia and the Netherlands.

Posted 6 December 2012

JISC reveals its ambitions for its ongoing role in driving innovation in UK education and research.

Posted 5 December 2012

BL to partner with four regional libraries to run 'Writing Britain' project.

Posted 5 December 2012

Latest survey reveals attitudes to the internet and online behaviours.

Posted 28 November 2012

Growth in global revenue shows apps are now a major digital industry.

Posted 27 November 2012

Governments should set traps to catch hackers and identify security weaknesses.

Posted 26 November 2012

New tool that measures student engagement with digital texts to be launched in 2013.

Posted 24 November 2012

The Financial Times Deutschland is being closed down after 12 years.

Posted 24 November 2012

Google and the French government are said to be in discussions about the search engine's tax affairs in France.

Posted 21 November 2012

An app has been launched to help educate users about legal copying.

Posted 21 November 2012

Europe's largest legal/tax publisher is not expecting any growth in its European market in 2013.

Posted 15 November 2012

Archive contains over 90 years of research and analysis on international affairs.

Posted 14 November 2012

Google has begun to roll out its music streaming and cloud storage service in Europe.

Posted 14 November 2012

Internet security firm Symantec predicts top five internet security issues for 2013.

Posted 13 November 2012

TED and Wiley to work together on TED Studies - a series for academia.

Posted 12 November 2012

Collaboration between two UK bodies seeks to provide a unified skills framework.

Posted 7 November 2012

Google's market share of search declined in October.

Posted 7 November 2012

Facebook has published 'more prominent' information on privacy.

Posted 6 November 2012

Gartner's predictions for 2013 include actionable analytics and the Internet of Things.

Posted 25 October 2012

Research reveals increase in texting, smartphone ownership and tablet use; decrease in TV viewing.

Posted 24 October 2012

Two articles in Research Information provide updates on the progress of Open Access in Europe.

Posted 24 October 2012

Members of the public helped draft new constitution.

Posted 23 October 2012

The shortlist of 25 titles has been released.

Posted 22 October 2012