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The latest US publishing trend data shows growth in sales and revenues.

Posted 12 August 2011

eBook treasures series enables download of rare manuscripts onto iPads.

Posted 10 August 2011

iPad app provides access to a wide range of 19th century works in English and other languages.

Posted 3 August 2011

Company's software offers new ways to interact with digital content.

Posted 3 August 2011

Yahoo's search results will now be delivered via Microsoft's Bing search engine.

Posted 3 August 2011

Research Libraries UK's latest figures show increased research library usage in its 23 university member libraries.

Posted 1 August 2011

Europeana's European Film Gateway is now online and will provide access to 600,000 items by Autumn 2011.

Posted 27 July 2011

15,000 of the Wellcome Library's rare book collection to be made available through ProQuest's Early European Books database.

Posted 27 July 2011

Google continues to 'priortise product efforts' in a Google Plus world.

Posted 21 July 2011

The British Library wants to acquire the 7th century St Cuthbert Gospel for the nation.

Posted 20 July 2011

Yell has plans to move more of its business online.

Posted 14 July 2011

Collaborative and shared services are on the agenda at UKSG's 2011 conference.

Posted 14 July 2011

Kobo's proposed European expansion begins in Germany.

Posted 13 July 2011

The latest EU e-communications survey highlights barriers to switching service suppliers - and concerns about internet speed.

Posted 12 July 2011

A new entry into the ereader marketplace will be the first to be fully integrated into the Google ebook store.

Posted 12 July 2011

New open access journal to publish original, high quality research.

Posted 8 July 2011

Facebook bought Skype earlier this year. It has now launched video chat on Facebook.

Posted 7 July 2011

QScience Connect will launch in September 2011.

Posted 6 July 2011

UK Library Chat will discuss library school/university LIS activism.

Posted 6 July 2011

The Library Linked Data incubator group aims to help increase the global interoperability of libary date on the web.

Posted 4 July 2011

The EU's Digital Agenda focuses on the internet's potential to drive economic growth and innovation.

Posted 1 July 2011

Palgrave Macmillan offers open access publication to authors of accepted research papers

Posted 28 June 2011

HEFCE and JISC announce partners and projects in shared services programme for research and education.

Posted 27 June 2011

Partnership between EBSCO and Elsevier means researchers will benefit from easy search and access to an enomous database of scientific material.

Posted 24 June 2011

BL and Google plan to digitise 250,000 out of copyright books.

Posted 21 June 2011

Open Data Challenge and Hack4Europe! competitions were held at the EC's Digital Agenda Assembly.

Posted 16 June 2011

The First World War in Everyday Objects project has captured 15,000 digital images from members of the public in Germany.

Posted 16 June 2011

The British Medical Journal (BMJ) Group has launched a range of apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Posted 15 June 2011

A selection of material covering British women's fight for the vote has been made available online.

Posted 15 June 2011

British Library's app provides access to a range of 19th century public domain works.

Posted 13 June 2011

Conference keynote sessions cover 'the future internet', social media, digital rights and data journalism.

Posted 10 June 2011

Research highlights the most popular Google tools used in Competitive Intelligence and suggests that practitioners might be unaware of the range of tools available.

Posted 10 June 2011

Facebook's facial recognition feature has been greeted with some concern.

Posted 8 June 2011

Adoption of EPUB will improve mobile access to research.

Posted 8 June 2011

The Europeana collection continues to grow.

Posted 7 June 2011

SAGE is to optimise its entire journal list for mobile access.

Posted 6 June 2011

EBSCO Publishing and HW Wilson merger ‘to benefit the research experience for libraries'.

Posted 6 June 2011

Partnership will develop a digital content platform to provide access to 2,500 years of world drama.

Posted 3 June 2011

ProQuest has acquired British Nursing Index, a key source of information on nursing, midwifery and allied subjects.

Posted 2 June 2011

DREaM, the UK-wide network of library and information science (LIS) researchers, to host conference in London.

Posted 1 June 2011

iPad app designed to bring users customised Factiva content.

Posted 27 May 2011

ebook and research technology company announces newly signed publishers and new German interface.

Posted 26 May 2011

After recent speculation, TweetDeck has now confirmed it has been bought by Twitter.

Posted 26 May 2011

Shares in Russia's leading search engine surge in first day of trading.

Posted 25 May 2011

EBSCO Publishing's iPhone application helps users access content via EBSCOhost.

Posted 25 May 2011

Apps will deliver portable versions of medical text books.

Posted 24 May 2011

JISC has announced updates to its impact measurement Toolkit digital resources.

Posted 24 May 2011

Recent developments in the development of social search focus on better decision making and trusted networks.

Posted 24 May 2011

Google has signed a six-month agreement with French publisher Hachette Livre to scan books.

Posted 24 May 2011

Amazon.com has announced that its customers are purchasing more Kindle books than all print formats.

Posted 19 May 2011