The National Library of Ireland digitisation plans

The National Library of Ireland is carrying out a number of programmes as it digitises its collections.

The National Library of Ireland has is carrying out four programmes of work as it focuses on digitising its collections.

One programme is focusing on the digitisation of the library catalogues, of which currently less than 60% is available online.  A second (the Digitisation programme) is seeking to convert printed material to make it more widely accessible.  The third (Born Digital) is concentrating on digitising material that will be relevant to Irish citizens.  Finally Oscail is focusing on ensuring the technology is in place to deliver the digitisation plans.

The National Library has a high social media profile and has used its Flickr account, for example, to ‘crowdsource' the identification of some photographs in its collection.  You can also follow the library on Twitter at @NLIreland

The projects, outcomes and challenges being faced by the National Library are covered in an in-depth article in The Irish Times.