Clarivate launches Web of Science Grants Index to help researchers optimize funding strategies

New solution integrates curated data from Pivot-RP to the Web of Science and offers an expanded view of the funding landscape.

Clarivate Plc launched the Web of Science Grants Index, which is designed to provide a more comprehensive, enriched view of the funding landscape, empowering researchers to make confident, informed decisions when they seek research funding.

In today’s competitive research climate, success rates for research grant applications can be as low as 12%. Understanding a funder’s priorities and gaining insights on the funder’s previously awarded grants can help researchers better differentiate their projects and proposals.

The Grants Index offers an enriched view of the global funding landscape with over 5.2 million awarded grant records sourced from over 400 funders worldwide to help researchers better investigate previous successes in their field by funder. Data sourced from Ex Libris’ Pivot-RP is part of the Grants Index.

Researchers can easily identify and analyze previously funded projects, exploring grant details including principal and co-principal investigators, project description and links to published outcomes, all in the Web of Science research discovery environment. In doing so, researchers can more effectively position their projects and increase their chances of a successful bid with a funding agency.

The integrated solution also opens new possibilities for researchers, enabling them to identify potential new sources of funding by offering easy access to past awards. It displays details of prior funding alongside scholarly research content including journal articles, conference papers, dissertations, preprints, patents and more, helping researchers build a more holistic view of the research landscape. For mutual subscribers of Pivot-RP and the Web of Science, they can access links to open grants.

Later this year, researchers will be able to claim awarded grants to their Web of Science Researcher Profiles and present published papers and citations that resulted from a grant in a simple, singular view. This enables researchers to showcase the citation impact of their funded work to evaluators and peers and demonstrate an established track record to funders when they apply for funding.

To learn more about the Grants Index, go here.