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New e-reading platform Blloon uses gamification to encourage young people to read and share more.

Posted 23 October 2014

Psychiatric hospital archives to become part of Wellcome's digitisation programme.

Posted 17 October 2014

The search giant has published its results for Q3 of 2014.

Posted 17 October 2014

Rates of voice searching have doubled in the past year.

Posted 17 October 2014

Thousands of images leaked via a third party app.

Posted 14 October 2014

The latest IMF World Economic Outlook report describes uneven global recovery.

Posted 9 October 2014

Jisc collaborating with UK universities.

Posted 9 October 2014

Collaboration with Europeana and Google.

Posted 8 October 2014

Website to be key source of information on copyright.

Posted 8 October 2014

Google Campus will support innovation in Madrid.

Posted 8 October 2014

Open Science can improve European competitiveness.

Posted 3 October 2014

Gothic literature has entertained audiences and influenced artists for 250 years.

Posted 3 October 2014

In Germany, Google newspaper search results no longer feature 'snippets' of articles.

Posted 3 October 2014

Google continues to face challenges in Europe.

Posted 1 October 2014

Swets customers are asking for clarification amid confusion following last week's bankruptcy announcement

Posted 29 September 2014

A new European Commission report describes the progress towards a European Research Area (ERA).

Posted 26 September 2014

Subscription agent Swets suspends payments and appoints an administrator.

Posted 23 September 2014

Changes aim to focus on 'relevance' in newsfeeds.

Posted 20 September 2014

Service launched in six countries in the course of one week.

Posted 19 September 2014

Crowdsourcing platform has already generated over $1 billion in worldwide pledges.

Posted 17 September 2014

Web service firm buys 'the Russian Facebook'.

Posted 17 September 2014

New ruling by European Court of Justice sets out guidelines.

Posted 12 September 2014

Global survey on privacy, personal information and apps.

Posted 11 September 2014

Settlement means €10 million will be paid to Dutch actors and musicians.

Posted 10 September 2014

Shared data centre for academic and medical research.

Posted 8 September 2014

What are the financial and administrative costs of complying with funder OA policies?

Posted 3 September 2014

City of London Police warning against possible criminality.

Posted 2 September 2014

Norwegian study found reading on paper led to significantly better recall.

Posted 20 August 2014

Twitter has begun to share favourites and users are not happy.

Posted 18 August 2014

Government planning massive investment.

Posted 18 August 2014

Open Access advocates believe model licenses will limit exploitation and re-use of research.

Posted 13 August 2014

New law outlines the role of public libraries in the digital age.

Posted 9 August 2014

Research data and collaboration to be showcased.

Posted 1 August 2014

Broadband and mobile company Iliad wants to 'disrupt' more markets.

Posted 1 August 2014

Acquisition of Spanish digital content tool Icebergs.

Posted 31 July 2014

Digitised holdings of nine new partner organisations will enhance collection.

Posted 31 July 2014

Social network now has 271 million active users.

Posted 30 July 2014

Disagreement over reforms delays European White Paper on copyright reform.

Posted 25 July 2014

Profits for Quarter Two up.

Posted 25 July 2014

Switch to English reflects need to 'publish in English' or 'perish in German'.

Posted 25 July 2014

Google given 18 months to comply.

Posted 22 July 2014

E-book subscription service would compete with Scribd and Oyster.

Posted 17 July 2014

Twitter user to say 'sorry'.

Posted 17 July 2014

Report reveals increase in cases handled by ICO - and a data breach of its own.

Posted 17 July 2014

Blogger fined a total of €2,500 in damages and costs.

Posted 17 July 2014

Eight companies in Norway subjected to an unprecedented cyber attack.

Posted 17 July 2014

EU caps roaming charges by up to 50%.

Posted 1 July 2014

Libraries in Manchester and Birmingham to help business start-ups.

Posted 30 June 2014

Facebook manipulated the feeds of almost 700,000 users.

Posted 30 June 2014

A new unit at Germany's domestic intelligence service will work to evaluate data collected online.

Posted 27 June 2014