Who has the fastest internet?

Report reveals global internet speeds.

In its latest State of the Internet report Akamai looks at internet security, penetration and mobile connectivity.   The global average connection speed is 4.5 Mbps.  The top ten performing countries and their average connection speed, are:

  1. South Korea (25.3)
  2. Hong Kong (16.3)
  3. Japan (15.0)
  4. Switzerland (14.5)
  5. Sweden (14.1)
  6. Netherlands (14.0)
  7. Ireland (13.9)
  8. Latvia (13.4)
  9. Czech Republic (12.3)
  10. Singapore (12.2)

Meanwhile, in the UK, Uswitch has analysed broadband speeds across the UK to explore the 'postcode lottery' of internet speeds.  The UK’s slowest street has an average speed of 0.54Mbps while the fastest manages 135 times that speed.

Report available from Akamai; spotted in Mashable; ITProPortal.