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A new report by Simba Information finds that the STM publishing market grew by 3.4% in 2011.

Posted 10 January 2012

Online newspapers, magazines and news site launch paid for content.

Posted 9 January 2012

New edition of Oxford's Dictionary of National Biography features over 200 new entries.

Posted 5 January 2012

Winning teams will research how computational techniques used in sciences can be transferred to social sciences and humanities.

Posted 4 January 2012

Springer has launched its SpringerLink mobile app for the iPhone and the iPhone Touch.

Posted 4 January 2012

A number of calls for papers for the IFLA Congress, to be held in Finland in 2012, have been announced.

Posted 3 January 2012

ActuaLitté and Google Books collaborate to make scanned out of copyright works available for free download.

Posted 3 January 2012

A website has been launched to provide resources and information for the UK's first National Libraries Day.

Posted 3 January 2012

A new journal will launch with a themed issue discussing the definition, and history, of LIS.

Posted 20 December 2011

People in the UK are Europe's 'most digitally aware' says Ofcom.

Posted 15 December 2011

Agreement reached with Elsevier and Taylor and Francis provides document delivery to non-commercial users outside the UK.

Posted 7 December 2011

The newspaper plans for continued growth in mobile access.

Posted 6 December 2011

Open data can stimulate the digital economy and provide social and economic benefits - Europeana's new White Paper focuses on open data business models.

Posted 5 December 2011

Amazon continues to expand in Europe.

Posted 2 December 2011

Decision follows impact study on book market.

Posted 25 November 2011

Google continues to streamline its services in bid to improve the user experience.

Posted 23 November 2011

UKeiG has awarded the 2011 Jason Farradane Award to the UK Council of Research Repositories (UKCoRR).

Posted 22 November 2011

Electronic delivery of search results should help US applicants with European patent applications.

Posted 18 November 2011

Brian Kelly's blog shortlisted for Computer Weekly Social Media Award.

Posted 16 November 2011

According to a new report, the UK B2B information market will continue to experience 'limited growth'.

Posted 15 November 2011

Winners and runners up demonstrate the use of semantic web techniques to create additional value from data sets.

Posted 14 November 2011

IFLA sets out to inform librarians of copyright issues and to provide links to helpful resources.

Posted 10 November 2011

The professional networking site seeks to increase member numbers and activity levels.

Posted 10 November 2011

UNESCO's new portal to provide up-to-date information on OA in member states.

Posted 9 November 2011

Two grand prize winners to Elsevier's Apps for Library Idea Challenge have been announced.

Posted 7 November 2011

Last minute places offered at event focusing on OA and demonstrating value.

Posted 4 November 2011

A new resource from Emerald seeks to show the links between research and current, newsworthy events.

Posted 3 November 2011

ebrary has announced the initial results of its 2011 global student e-book survey.

Posted 3 November 2011

Call for participants in research study to discover the impact of social media on enhancing knowledge management.

Posted 3 November 2011

JISC Collections announces new project on impact of OA publishing models.

Posted 29 October 2011

The EC has made recommendations on digitisation and digital preservation.

Posted 29 October 2011

European Parliament Industry Committee wants tougher rules.

Posted 24 October 2011

Report highlights UK's leading position in science and research.

Posted 19 October 2011

High Street retailer announces collaboration with Kobo.

Posted 14 October 2011

The iPad Guardian will cost £9.99 per month.

Posted 13 October 2011

Elsevier is to contribute an additional 950 e-books.

Posted 12 October 2011

User feedback has helped inform redesign of service.

Posted 12 October 2011

Web of Knowledge enhanced with chapter level indexing .

Posted 12 October 2011

Mobile app, previously only available to institutions, now available to individual subscribers.

Posted 11 October 2011

Disruption to BlackBerry Messaging thought to be caused by power outage in the UK.

Posted 11 October 2011

YouTube is rolling out its video rental offering.

Posted 11 October 2011

Microsoft's Streetside service is rolling out across Europe.

Posted 10 October 2011

Almost a year after its US launch, Google's eBookstore arrives in Europe.

Posted 7 October 2011

Amazon continues its expansion in Europe.

Posted 7 October 2011

Kindle Fire to be launched in the US as Amazon promises 'premium products at non-premium prices'.

Posted 30 September 2011

European Journal of Cancer to be made available in the app store.

Posted 28 September 2011

Users will be able to experience related content while accessing video content.

Posted 28 September 2011

Training programme launched to assist with key challenges of information governance and information risk management.

Posted 26 September 2011

Wiley-Blackwell has announced open access funding agreements with three major European research organisations.

Posted 23 September 2011

Councils look to social media to inform and engage citizens.

Posted 23 September 2011