New report on the UK's B2B information market

According to a new report, the UK B2B information market will continue to experience 'limited growth'.

The report, the UK B2B Information Market, published by IRN Research, predicts continued revenue decreases for business directories in 2011 and limited growth in market sectors in 2012.

The report covers business directories, trade conference and exhibitions, trade journals and magazines and business information services.

Key findings:

  • Exhibitions and conferences and business information services have show relative resilience over the last two years and have experienced modest growth
  • Trade journals and B2B databases and directories have suffered from dramatic falls in advertising revenues.
  • 'Traditional publishers of trade journals have been slower to adapt to a digital world and very few have a clear business model for making money from their content
  • New competitors (search engines; business networking sites etc) have set themselves up against the traditional directory publishers. Traditional directory publishers are now pushing ahead with new digital strategies
  • Some vertical sectors (Pharmaceutical, energy, transport and logistics) are outperforming others (construction, public services and retail)
  • B2B information companies are now leaner and are able to maintain profit margins despite weak sales
  • With limited growth opportunities in the UK, some B2B publishers are focusing on emerging markets

The full report is available from IRN Research (£350/€410/$550).