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Snapcode deep linking will help promote great content.

Posted 1 December 2015

A survey by the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) puts a price on digital skills gap.

Posted 22 November 2015

Tools being tested to reduce number of posts from or featuring your ex.

Posted 20 November 2015

Choice highlights rapid growth in use of emojis in the last year.

Posted 17 November 2015

Microblogging site Tumblr has begun to roll out an instant messaging feature.

Posted 11 November 2015

Figures suggest Snapchat users are much more engaged than users on Facebook.

Posted 10 November 2015

Academic publisher Elsevier responds to resignation of Lingua's entire editorial team.

Posted 8 November 2015

Facebook continues to dominate the social login market.

Posted 7 November 2015

Facebook set to launch Notify.

Posted 7 November 2015

ORCID will help solve author name ambiguity problems in research and scholarly communications.

Posted 4 November 2015

Springer Compact provides an "innovative new publishing business model".

Posted 22 October 2015

Twitter Polls being rolled out on apps and via Twitter website.

Posted 22 October 2015

The German Parliament is to vote on a law obliging phone companies to keep records on all Germans' communications

Posted 16 October 2015

Streaming growth slowing down in the US.

Posted 15 October 2015

Open dataset provides information on institutional research funding around the world.

Posted 13 October 2015

Deal expected to be finalised later in 2015.

Posted 10 October 2015

New platform will help devices connect via the cloud.

Posted 10 October 2015

WSJ City will be free at launch.

Posted 10 October 2015

AMP project aims to improve mobile experiences.

Posted 9 October 2015

Case brought by law student after Edward Snowden revelations of surveillance operations.

Posted 6 October 2015

Cross-industry campaign aims to help researchers choose best place to publish.

Posted 2 October 2015

Final print run of library catalogue cards.

Posted 2 October 2015

UKeiG, a special interest group of CILIP, has announced the winners of the Tony Kent Strix Award and the Jason Farradane Award.

Posted 1 October 2015

New service will cover Bundesliga and Premier League matches.

Posted 1 October 2015

Nominations for the 2016 Awards are now being sought.

Posted 20 September 2015

App provides a platform for strangers to share books.

Posted 19 September 2015

Libraries are one of four key areas identified to help "enrich our cultures and pave the way for stronger economic growth and trade".

Posted 18 September 2015

Move aims to improve discoverability of and access to content.

Posted 17 September 2015

ScienceOpen, the free research and OA publishing network, has now exceeded the ten million record mark.

Posted 17 September 2015

Wikipedia blocks 381 accounts for engaging in paid advocacy following an investigation.

Posted 11 September 2015

Agreement follows four years of negotiation.

Posted 11 September 2015

Research set out to discover most used social media sites.

Posted 11 September 2015

Contract awarded to develop a national library card system.

Posted 11 September 2015

First proposal exploring cross border digital content due December 2015.

Posted 6 September 2015

Publishing giant promises to make ancillary copyright payments.

Posted 6 September 2015

IFLA is calling for input and examples from libraries around the world.

Posted 27 August 2015

Funding available for community broadband.

Posted 26 August 2015

Criminal investigations drive increased requests for data.

Posted 25 August 2015

£80k funding to trial membership initiatives in a bid to improve literacy.

Posted 25 August 2015

FreePint research shows dramatic growth in corporate e-book use.

Posted 20 August 2015

Two editors of Netzpolitik.org are being investigated for suspected treason.

Posted 31 July 2015

Data Protection Authority tells Facebook to allow pseudonyms

Posted 29 July 2015

Advertising is set to bring in almost $500m in 2015.

Posted 27 July 2015

Reporting 'stolen joke' on Twitter results in removal of infringing tweets.

Posted 26 July 2015

Over half a million archive clips made available to the public.

Posted 22 July 2015

Google has released figures for the first 12 months of the Right to be Forgotten.

Posted 14 July 2015

Instagram now has 14 million active users in the UK

Posted 14 July 2015

Digital wallet service rolling out.

Posted 14 July 2015

Funding and bursaries available to help support the development of information literacy.

Posted 13 July 2015

Facebook continues to push video content.

Posted 8 July 2015