UK information workforce mapping - more resources released

Additional analysis from Workforce Mapping Project.

CILIP (The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals) and ARA (The Archives and Records Association) have released a series of 24 factsheets which explore the demographics of the UK's information workforce by region and by sector.

The original research, undertaken by a team from Edinburgh Napier University's Centre for Social Informatics and the Employment Research Institute, was undertaken in 2014/15.  The headline findings were published in November 2015.

The newly released factsheets delve deeper into the data, estimating the total numbers employed in that sector or region, the main domain in which they are working (libraries, archives, records etc), workforce diversity, education and qualifications (including professional qualifications).

Hazel Hall, a member of the research team behind the Workforce Mapping project, provides links to each of the factsheets on her blog.