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Germany's online population is the largest in the EU.

Posted 4 February 2011

The UK's Research Information Network (RIN) has published the second part of its research report into the use of ejournals by researchers in the UK.

Posted 3 February 2011

Springer's new service enables online access to review copies.

Posted 3 February 2011

Five million digital objects to be made available via Europeana Libraries project.

Posted 3 February 2011

Dailymotion, the French video sharing website, has announced that it is to stream live news from several networks.

Posted 2 February 2011

Google announces its plans to expand in Europe in 2011.

Posted 26 January 2011

European cultural portal plans dramatic growth in next five years, aims to engage users via social media.

Posted 25 January 2011

German media group has ambitions in the education market.

Posted 21 January 2011

EU Data Protection laws must be modernised, says former UK Information Commissioner.

Posted 18 January 2011

Over 30,000 rare early books held by the National Library of the Netherlands are to be digitised.

Posted 16 January 2011

Report finds cultural digitisation offers potential economic benefits.

Posted 15 January 2011

The Financial Times has launched a premium online news/analysis service focused on the emerging world

Posted 11 January 2011

Nature Publishing Group (NPG) announces launch of Scientific Reports - an open access, online publication

Posted 11 January 2011

In December 2010 Firefox overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer to become Europe's number one browser

Posted 7 January 2011

ProQuest claims acquisition will 'accelerate the process of serious research'

Posted 6 January 2011

Two major flotations are predicted - but not confirmed

Posted 6 January 2011

Competition to deliver news and magazines to mobiles hots up

Posted 3 January 2011

What were the top social media news stories of 2010?

Posted 23 December 2010

Grants awarded to innovative libraries in developing countries

Posted 17 December 2010

Up to 600 jobs lost at Yahoo

Posted 17 December 2010

‘New kind of scientific information enterprise' will provide tools for scientists

Posted 15 December 2010

Gartner predicts that worldwide sales of e-readers will total 6.6 million units by the end of 2010.

Posted 13 December 2010

New tool provides insight into science topic usage and trends

Posted 9 December 2010

FT customers with a corporate licence will be able to access Financial Times journalism via the Bloomberg Professional service

Posted 9 December 2010

Metadata from ECONIS—the online catalogue for the German National Library of Economics—will be searchable through EBSCO Discovery Service

Posted 9 December 2010

Google has entered the ebooks market.

Posted 8 December 2010

ProQuest and Hatfield House team up to bring private and political documents gathered by Elizabeth I's advisors to the web

Posted 8 December 2010

The Dutch are Europe's 'most intensive' internet users.

Posted 3 December 2010

Flexibility is the key to the future for info pros according to SLA President

Posted 1 December 2010

Library Systems Manager from University of Huddersfield selected for honour

Posted 1 December 2010

EC Vice-President for the Digital Agenda says healthy competition is the internet's best friend but traffic management practices should be transparent; it should be easy for unhappy consumers to switch providers

Posted 1 December 2010

New product line will expand ebook offering on SpringerLink

Posted 1 December 2010

Provides information on investment and acquisition opportunities in China

Posted 1 December 2010

JISC's new Guide presents the business case and the practicalities of releasing records for open use.

Posted 22 November 2010

'Instant Previews' provides a graphic overview of search results; 'Refine' is 'a power tool for data wranglers'

Posted 16 November 2010

Bloomberg Briefs cover Economics, Hedge Funds, Mergers and Structured Notes

Posted 2 November 2010

News International has announced the number of paying online customers and the paywall debate rages once again!

Posted 2 November 2010

Pearson's results are boosted by e-books

Posted 2 November 2010

Progress, best practice and future challenges are the key themes of 8th Berlin Open Access Conference.

Posted 25 October 2010

Research shows link between levels of e-journal usage and research success

Posted 15 October 2010

Microsoft Live Labs Pivot combines browsing and searching to visualise data in new ways

Posted 14 October 2010

One of the UK's largest police forces tweets all incidents for 24 hours

Posted 14 October 2010

Google are developing and testing self-drive technology in a bid to reduce car accidents

Posted 13 October 2010