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Gold OA publisher Humanities Directory scheduled to launch later this year.

Posted 22 October 2012

Google says such laws could 'threaten its very existence.

Posted 19 October 2012

Netflix begins Nordic rollout.

Posted 15 October 2012

IOP aims to 'meet the needs of the research community in a changing publishing environment'.

Posted 12 October 2012

Amazon is to launch its Kindle Owners' Lending Library in France, Germany and the UK.

Posted 12 October 2012

Txtr announces 'the smallest e-reader in the world'.

Posted 12 October 2012

Kobo announces an acquisition and other product and content developments.

Posted 10 October 2012

Aim to make content available to widest audience possible, including academia, individuals and professionals.

Posted 9 October 2012

YouTube is planning to create at least 60 new video channels in Europe.

Posted 9 October 2012

Amazon continues to roll out new services and products to Europe.

Posted 8 October 2012

Directory to help public locate library services.

Posted 5 October 2012

The EU has adopted the Orphan Works Directive.

Posted 5 October 2012

Academic publisher joins the collaborative archive.

Posted 4 October 2012

European smartphone owners doubled their use of QR codes in the last year.

Posted 3 October 2012

STM publisher has begun migrating library customers to its revamped platform.

Posted 3 October 2012

Sustainability Exchange will enable effective information sharing for the education sector.

Posted 3 October 2012

This year, for the first time, two winners are announced.

Posted 27 September 2012

The entire field of particle physics will soon switch to OA.

Posted 26 September 2012

A growing number of UK retailers are to sell Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader device.

Posted 26 September 2012

Kobo's e-readers are to be sold in Portugal through Fnac stores.

Posted 25 September 2012

The professional social network LinkedIn continues its localisation work.

Posted 25 September 2012

Facebook to turn off facial recognition function in Europe.

Posted 24 September 2012

The law had allowed for the sale of data from local government to companies - without citizen permission.

Posted 21 September 2012

EBSCO's latest Serials Price Projection Report released.

Posted 18 September 2012

TEL trends in UK academia revealed in latest survey.

Posted 18 September 2012

STM publisher offers its entire collection to developing countries via international innovation programme.

Posted 14 September 2012

NWO to cover processing charges for Dutch researchers.

Posted 13 September 2012

90% of downloaded apps will be free.

Posted 13 September 2012

Springer has announced the winners of its research-focused API Challenge 2.0

Posted 13 September 2012

Statistics Norway has released the latest stats on ICT and social media use.

Posted 12 September 2012

Report scores countries on seven categories including infrastructure, regulation and censorship and overall web use.

Posted 5 September 2012

Android Appstore now available in five European countries.

Posted 30 August 2012

Publisher states that books are 'the next logical focus' in the progress of OA.

Posted 30 August 2012

German consumer group has given Facebook a deadline of 4 September to make changes to its App Center.

Posted 29 August 2012

What are the key trends and issues affecting academic libraries?

Posted 15 August 2012

Streaming video and content service is launching in Scandinavia.

Posted 15 August 2012

Publisher of the FT is to launch its own college.

Posted 14 August 2012

Price and availability of apps are the most important concerns in tablet purchasing decisions.

Posted 9 August 2012

Amazon.com announces launch of textbook rental programme.

Posted 8 August 2012

EESC calls for expanded scope of data protection reforms.

Posted 7 August 2012

ScienceWatch reports on the increase in multi-author articles.

Posted 2 August 2012

Apple's third quarter results show continued growth.

Posted 1 August 2012

PaidContent has released its list of top 50 digital content companies.

Posted 31 July 2012

Clear signs that e-book sales in the Netherlands are beginning to accelerate.

Posted 30 July 2012

Rare document discovered in archive.

Posted 25 July 2012

Formal announcement on long running dispute expected soon.

Posted 25 July 2012

E-books for France via Google Play; VAT price hike in Italy.

Posted 20 July 2012

Announcement of Italy's first major 'digital first' imprint.

Posted 19 July 2012

In 2011 mobile phone calls declined for the first time ever but 150 billion texts were sent.

Posted 19 July 2012

Article evaluation service has published its first articles.

Posted 18 July 2012