France: OA works to be indexed in Summon

Works will be included in Summon Discovery Service.

Serials Solutions is to work with France's Centre for Open Electronic Publishing (Le Cléo) to index its scientific research content in Summon.

Le Cleo was founded by French research and academic institutions and publishes thousands of scientific works with an emphasis on the social sciences and humanities.  It makes content available in multiple languages. 

The content to be indexed: - a web platform for over 380 academic journals and book collections in the social sciences and humanities

Calenda - which publishes dates for conferences, seminars, calls for papers and other announcements that are of interest to the scientific community in France and other countries  - a publication platform for academic blogs that enables researchers to provide real-time updates of research efforts. There are currently over 550 blogs available.

For more information see original press release.