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First Spanish-language audiobooks announced.

Posted 15 March 2019

The award is open to new professionals from the library and publishing communities.

Posted 15 March 2019

Taxonomy Boot Camp London 2019 will take place on 15-16 October; the theme for 2019 is "Anything is possible".

Posted 8 March 2019

Over 450 items are now available to academic libraries with more to follow.

Posted 7 March 2019

Applications should reflect innovative developments in scholarly communication.

Posted 6 March 2019

Major decision reached by UC in push for open access to publicly funded research.

Posted 1 March 2019

Gale, a Cengage company, has released the third installment of its award-winning Archives of Sexuality & Gender series.

Posted 26 February 2019

One million subscriptions achieved in seven months.

Posted 26 February 2019

Digital Library and Information Specialist Liz McGettigan joins Marydee Ojala and Jan Holmquist as conference co-chairs for ILI 2019.

Posted 21 February 2019

Country's principle scientific adviser calls for complete open access for science.

Posted 21 February 2019

Partnership has led to thousands of articles being made freely available.

Posted 21 February 2019

The aim is that the new organisation will be more effective and influential within its membership communities of libraries, publishers and tech partners.

Posted 18 February 2019

Plan hopes to support and grow the biotech ecosystem across southeast England.

Posted 15 February 2019

Decision challenges Facebook's practice of forcing users to agree to data gathering.

Posted 8 February 2019

An interesting article in Nature explores the implications for researchers unable to access Elsevier publications.

Posted 6 February 2019

The Library of Congress has been awarded over $500,000 by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to evaluate the health of collections in research libraries.

Posted 6 February 2019

New initiative to help deliver the Dutch ambition of 100% open access by 2020.

Posted 6 February 2019

Titles will join publisher's portfolio in 2020.

Posted 6 February 2019

Two recent discoveries in UK libraries.

Posted 6 February 2019

The IFLA Green Library Award is sponsored by De Gruyter.

Posted 25 January 2019

CPD programme for 2019 also announced.

Posted 22 January 2019

France's data protection authority has announced a $57 million fine against Google.

Posted 22 January 2019

Zimbabweans had been without internet access for at least a week.

Posted 22 January 2019

WhatsApp is limiting the number of times members can forward any single message.

Posted 22 January 2019

Concerns expressed in an open letter say practice will make it harder for authors to earn money.

Posted 21 January 2019

The editorial board of Journal of Informetrics will launch a new, fully open journal.

Posted 14 January 2019

The book collection for this year's Challenge has been revealed.

Posted 10 January 2019

Grants valued at over $3.8 million announced.

Posted 4 January 2019

Finding an appropriate and trustworthy journal to publish in is a challenge for many researchers around the world.

Posted 1 January 2019

Canadian firm specialises in bibliometric analysis and research evaluation.

Posted 1 January 2019

Funders announce support of the use of ORCID identifiers in the grant application and reporting process.

Posted 11 December 2018

Two-year deal covers open access and subscription deal.

Posted 11 December 2018

Google reveals plans to address its messy messaging strategy.

Posted 11 December 2018

The two not for profit tech organisations join forces in 2019.

Posted 11 December 2018

Translate will offer both a masculine and a feminine translation when either might be appropriate.

Posted 8 December 2018

The 2018 winner of the prestigious Tony Kent Strix Memorial Award is Professor Pia Borlund, Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Norway.

Posted 30 November 2018

The IFLA PressReader International Library Marketing Award wants to celebrate excellent library marketing.

Posted 29 November 2018

Public Library Manifesto will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2019.

Posted 27 November 2018

Commission calls for a permanent forum for reviewing platform self-regulation.

Posted 26 November 2018

Initiatives designed to keep children safe online.

Posted 26 November 2018

In 33 countries surveyed, mobile networks are faster than wifi.

Posted 26 November 2018

Digital Collections is the National Library's online repository of biomedical resources.

Posted 25 November 2018

A UK petition signed by 30,000 called for ringfenced funding.

Posted 13 November 2018

French officials will spend six months reviewing content moderation processes.

Posted 13 November 2018

Data and evidence required to advocate for school libraries.

Posted 13 November 2018

Images are free to use and reuse.

Posted 5 November 2018

The award aims to help deliver compliance with data sharing policies.

Posted 1 November 2018

The EU organisation to facilitate openness in scholarly communication is now a fully-fledged organisation.

Posted 1 November 2018

Programme released and registration now open for conference in Australia.

Posted 30 October 2018

The aim is to show that anyone can learn the basics of computer science.

Posted 18 October 2018