Lean Library Partners with TDNet to bring TDNet Discover directly into the Patron Workflow

Lean Library, a browser extension from SAGE Publishing that delivers library services into the patron's workflow, is  partnering with TDNet, provider of TDNet Discover, a unified library discovery and content management solution. Together, Lean Library and TDNet will provide libraries with the ability to deliver their library search results to patrons ‘in their workflow' on academic resources and websites such as Google and Wikipedia.

The partnership will include a direct integration with TDNet Discover to make library search available to users through the Lean Library browser extension, showing relevant search returns from their library wherever they start their search. For example, when a patron is using Google, Google Scholar, publisher sites, or Wikipedia, the extension will also surface relevant results from their library.

Linda Van Keuren, Assistant Dean for Resources & Access Management at Dahlgren Memorial Library, Georgetown University Medical Center, said, “We strive to provide uncomplicated access to library resources wherever and whenever our patrons need it.  As a Lean Library Futures development partner, it has been exciting to work with them on a solution like this, bringing the library directly to the patron at the point of need. We think this will improve the quality of our patron’s discovery experience, increase usage of our collection, and help to amplify the services that are available through the library.”

Matt Hayes, Managing Director of Lean Library, said, “We’ve worked with TDNet for several years now, and are really delighted to be expanding our partnership in this way. This integration offers library patrons greater convenience, allowing them to bring advanced search tools directly into their preferred workflows, instantly and intuitively. This increases the visibility and impact of library services, ultimately driving learning outcomes and discovery.’

Nir Karmi, VP Sales & Business Development at TDNet, added, “This integration represents an important step towards delivering efficient discovery directly to patrons, wherever they may be searching. We are excited to be expanding our partnership with Lean Library, further reducing barriers to knowledge and   really changing the way patrons interact with their libraries and library content. Coming next is another integration with the Lean Library browser extension to enable libraries to deploy relevant content from their TDNet library portal wherever their patrons may need it.  We really look forward to building further on this partnership in the future.”

Interested libraries can register for a presentation from Lean Library and TDNet on 9th November at www.leanlibrary.com/events

The TDNet Discover/Lean Library integration will be available to mutual customers of TDNet Discover and the Lean Library service Lean Library Futures.

To find out more visit leanlibrary.com/lean-library-futures, contact your Lean Library or TDNet representative or email info@leanlibrary.com.

Figure 1: TDNet Discover embedded on Google Scholar

Figure 1_TDNet.png

Figure 2: TDNet Library Portal content embedded

Figure 2_TDNet.png

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Lean Library, a SAGE Publishing company, provides software solutions to the library community, bringing the power of the library into the patron’s workflow, wherever they may be, using their browser extension. Their products include an access solution, Lean Library Access, and an advanced patron workflow service, Lean Library Futures.

TDNet provides solutions that solve the challenges of the digital library and maximize research efficiency. TDNet’s flag-ship product, TDNet Discover, is a unified library discovery and content management platform, offering libraries the ability to easily create their own customized library portal and provide patrons with a fast and easy access to all the content they need in a single search.