ProQuest introduces One Business to support business students

ProQuest announced  in mild-January the launch of ProQuest One Business, which it describes as a new solution designed to support the unique teaching and learning needs of business faculty and students, both at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Developed in collaboration with faculty, students and business librarians, ProQuest One Business delivers a mix of practical and theoretical content in an interface that helps students build the research skills they’ll need for success in their courses and careers. A business-focused user experience guides students to content for their most common assignments – including SWOT analyses, case studies and industry reports.

Like other ProQuest One products (ProQuest One Academic and ProQuest One Literature), ProQuest One Business combines information from a number of different sources in mulltile formats. ABI/INFORM, one of the oldest online business databases, is bedrock for journal and trade press articles.

“Enrollment in business schools is strong and predicted to grow. As research becomes more complex, and student and faculty needs continue to rise, we saw the opportunity to create a product that supports the essentials of business education,” said Jo-Anne Hogan, Director of Product Management at ProQuest.“ProQuest One Business helps students navigate the complicated world of business research and empowers libraries to deliver greater value to the business programs they support.”

ProQuest One Business gives faculty and students access to a wealth of multi-format sources in one place, including:

  • Company, industry and country reports from providers such as the Economist Intelligence Unit and Fitch Solutions, and in-depth analyst reports from J.P. Morgan
  • Scholarly journal and ebook coverage from hundreds of renowned publishers, including Emerald and Springer
  • Full text of the three major global business news sources: The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and the Financial Times
  • A robust collection of video – including interviews with business leaders, case studies and training
Content in One Business is international in scope, making it an appropriate tool for business students around the world. Particularly intriguing is its amalgamation of different formats, which aligns with how today's students view their information sources. 

On the home page, you can select to run your search in all the various content types or limit to scholarly journals, company reports,industy/country reports, newspapers, magazines & trade journals, dissertations & theses, books, videos, working papers or conference papers & proceedings. Limits are availabe via a checkbox for full text and peer reviewed. Clicking on Advanced Search takes you to a familiar ProQuest advanced search screen that is tailored to business research. The facets on the left allow for a choice of all business content (the default), premium market reports for companies, industries, and countries, videos or ebooks. Under the Publication tab, ProQuest One Business lists all 35,577 publications, provides a search box for locating specific titles and has limiters for source type, author/editor, publication subject and publisher.

Thesaurus terms have been improved, with an eye towards indexing company names in a cohesive fashion. Although many of the field codes are the standard ProQuest ones, such as for author (AU) and title (TI), others specific to business topics and the content in ProQuest One Business, such as for premium reports (RPTFEATURE), have been added. This is a valuable addition to the toolkit of academic business researchers.