Yewno Adds News Content to Yewno Discover AI Research Platform

Yewno, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announced the enhancement of the Yewno Discover research platform to include news content.

The Yewno Discover platform uses AI to helps users perform meaningful, scholarly research in a short amount of time by expediting users’ search for both topic and material. Through its front-end interface, Yewno Discover offers millions of scholarly books and articles from top academic publishers along with reference, pre-prints, and archives. The addition of over 40 fully accessible, free-to-read, mainstream news sources will add recent context and relevancy to research results.

“Because scholarly content holds its value over time, past studies, research and observations regain new value within the framework of current events,” says Yewno COO Ruth Pickering. “When seeking to go deeper and learn more about today’s news, the ability to understand and see context from other sources enhances understanding. The two are symbiotic, which is why we’ve integrated news to enrich our research ecosystem”

Yewno Discover works by ingesting and reading full-text content and storing that content in a knowledge graph. When users access the knowledge graph on the front-end, they can explore millions of concepts and relationships, then access supporting scholarly content directly through the platform. In a single session, users can learn what would otherwise require multiple hours of honing topics, locating resources, reading, processing and evaluating information.

About Yewno: Founded in 2015, Yewno is helping the world to uncover the undiscovered through its new inference engine, which introduces an entirely new approach to knowledge discovery. Yewno inference engine incorporates machine learning, cognitive science, neural networks, and computational linguistics into an intelligent framework to enhance human understanding by correlating concepts across vast volumes sources. Headquartered in Palo Alto, CA, and with offices in London and New York, Yewno is backed by leading investors including Pacific Capital and currently has numerous partnerships across the finance sector, top research universities, publishers and content aggregators worldwide. Yewno recently earned Frost & Sullivan’s prestigious Global Technology Innovation Award for Predictive Analytics in Financial Services. For more information, visit