A New ISSN National Centre Opens in Peru

In a year of exceptional growth of the ISSN Network, the ISSN International Centre is delighted to announce the opening of the 93rd ISSN National Centre in Lima, Peru, on August 24th, 2021, almost exactly 200 years after the founding of the National Library of Peru, which houses the Centre.

The Peruvian ISSN Centre is hosted by the National Library of Peru and is the newest registration agency for ISO 3297, the standard for the identification of serials and continuing resources. Dr. Ezio Neyra Magagna, Director of the National Library of Peru, said, "The opening of the national ISSN Center in Peru is a very relevant event for our country and our National Library in the context of the 200th anniversary of its creation in 1821. Many thanks to the ISSN International Center for its cooperation and guidance during the process of implementation in Peru.”

Dr. Gaelle Bequet, Director of the ISSN International Centre, commented, “2021 is a very successful year for the ISSN Network with three consecutive openings of national centers: ISSN Ukraine in March 2021, ISSN Austria in April 2021 and ISSN Peru in August 2021. Our teams of information professionals in Kiev, Lima, Paris and Vienna have been instrumental to achieve this expansion. The recent commitment of the National Library of Peru to promote ISSN is a pledge of success for this persistent identifier in Latin America.”

The National Library of Peru was founded on 28 August 1821, a month after the proclamation of the independence of Peru by General Don José de San Martín, who signed the decree for its creation. The first cultural institution in Peru is an executing agency and governing body of the National Library System, assigned to the Ministry of Culture. The National Library of Peru is the depository center of the Peruvian bibliographic, digital, documentary, film, photographic and musical cultural heritage, as well as the international collections that it possesses in order to promote the cultural, scientific and technological development, contributing to economic and social, and supporting the formation of citizens and associations.

Through the management of the legal deposit, ISBN and ISSN, it promotes the standardization of publications and facilitates the development of the country's publishing sector.

Officially created in Paris on 21 January 1976, the ISSN International Centre is an intergovernmental organization that coordinates the activities of 93 ISSN National Centres hosted in its member countries. The ISSN International Centre provides online services such as the ISSN Portal that supplies quality identification metadata for more than 2.5 million journal titles and continuing resources. Each year, the ISSN Portal grows by about 60,000 new serial titles identified and described by the ISSN Network.

The ISSN National Centre for Peru is located at the National Library of Peru, Avenida de la Poesía 160, San Borja, Lima 41 Peru The ISSN International Centre is at 45 rue de Turbigo, 75003 Paris, France.