Amazon's new tablet revealed

Kindle Fire to be launched in the US as Amazon promises 'premium products at non-premium prices'.

Amazon has revealed its widely anticipated new tablet, the Kindle Fire.  The Kindle Fire (launching in the US only) is pitched at a competitive $199 price (approximately half the price of an iPad 2) and comes with a browser called Amazon Silk.  Amazon has also revealed three additional low price Kindle e-readers, all retailed at under $150.

Amazon said that Silk had been created for use on mobile devices.  It is a 'split processing web browser' which seeks to divide processing tasks between the device itself and Amazon's cloud services.

Initial reactions to the Kindle Fire focused on the competitive price of the tablet, which will begin shipping in the US in October.  Some commentators have suggested that the Kindle Fire, with its smaller memory is less an iPad 'killer' than a competitor to the iPod Touch.  We can look forward to more ananysis of the features of the Kindle Fire as more people get their hands on the device.

You can view a video of the launch here.