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Latest Figshare report explores global attitudes towards open data.

Posted 2 November 2018

A new report produced by think tank Demos in partnership with the Reading Agency highlights societal benefits of reading.

Posted 2 November 2018

How we can make the most of collective human intelligence and machine intelligence to solve complex social challenges?

Posted 18 October 2018

The Library of Congress has published its new strategic plan for the years 2019 - 2023.

Posted 3 October 2018

A new Sandvine report looks at internet traffic and ranks applications on their traffic share.

Posted 3 October 2018

The Wikimedia and Libraries User Group celebrates and connects Wikimedians and librarians around the world.

Posted 19 September 2018

11 national research funding organisations have launched an initiative called cOAlition S.

Posted 5 September 2018

An analysis of trends in the Scopus database of scholarly research explores China's improving performance in research impact.

Posted 20 July 2018

UK publishing houses have had their best year overall; but textbooks have taken a massive hit.

Posted 19 July 2018

OPF sets out long-term plans for the organisation.

Posted 5 July 2018

An analysis of Springer Nature hybrid journal content shows how OA drives impact and usage.

Posted 4 July 2018

Reading rates continue to fall; Netflix and other binge content providers are the competition.

Posted 25 June 2018

Facebook loses ground, YouTube leads the way.

Posted 1 June 2018

How to be a top 100 brand - lessons from three new entries to the elite club of brands.

Posted 30 May 2018

UK the most breached country in Europe, yet UK IT security spend lags behind.

Posted 29 May 2018

Collaboration wants to create a coherent map of the open ecosystem.

Posted 17 May 2018

Eight US university libraries are collaborating with the help of a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Posted 17 May 2018

2018 is the 25th anniversary of World Press Freedom Day.

Posted 3 May 2018

The majority of Americans are resistant to government action on misinformation but are more open to action by tech companies.

Posted 20 April 2018

Research shows the pervasive role that automated accounts play in disseminating links to a wide range of prominent websites on Twitter.

Posted 20 April 2018

New research from shows more newspapers are re-discovering the power of digital-only editions as their unique value proposition.

Posted 19 April 2018

Geographic proximity to the home is important to encourage attendance at leisure centres, but with libraries the picture is more complex.

Posted 18 April 2018

Schools, teachers, communities and families play a critical role in successfully integrating technology into teaching, learning and assessment.

Posted 6 April 2018

A new report (The Cost of Cloud Expertise) surveyed 950 IT decision makers and 950 IT pros from across the globe.

Posted 5 April 2018

Just 13% of respondents question the necessity of libraries at all in the Internet age.

Posted 23 March 2018

comScore has published its 2018 international digital overview 'Global Digital Future in Focus'.

Posted 23 March 2018

New Springer Nature report explores attitudes to data sharing.

Posted 23 March 2018

A new report from Wellcome explores how the UK and EU can work together to ensure strong research collaboration post-Brexit.

Posted 8 March 2018

It's time to look back on the impact of five years of OA and to look to the future.

Posted 8 March 2018

The results of a poll show librarians are in the top five of the UK's most trusted professionals.

Posted 25 February 2018

The winners will use the funding to run Open events around the world.

Posted 25 February 2018

What does the latest research say about the impact of video content on student learning? And what are the best measures of success?

Posted 9 February 2018

Safer Internet Day is celebrated annually in over 100 countries worldwide. 

Posted 9 February 2018

With only a few months to go before GDPR comes into effect, most EU countries remain unprepared.

Posted 26 January 2018

Ensuring libraries are fit for purpose and future-ready requires a combination of future scanning, a willingness to experiment, co-create and fail, a commitment to enhancing our own skill sets and the ability to learn from the wisdom of the crowd.

Posted 11 January 2018

SCONUL report explores the latest challenges and opportunities facing academic libraries.

Posted 14 December 2017

Altmetric has released data on its most discussed research articles of 2017.

Posted 14 December 2017

Fake news raises big questions about the nature of truth and the value of evidence.

Posted 30 November 2017

How will research and scholarly communications be impacted by blockchain technology?

Posted 30 November 2017

Instagram continues to grow; Snapchat plans changes and two libraries battle it out over Instagram.

Posted 16 November 2017

Springer Nature report demonstrates positive impact of OA on usage and citation.

Posted 16 November 2017

The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism held focus group discussions in Finland, Spain, the UK and the US. Here's what people said about fake news - and more.

Posted 2 November 2017

A report commissioned by four university presses (Cornell University Press, UCL Press, University of California Press and University of Michigan Press) explores the usage of OA books via the JSTOR Platform.

Posted 2 November 2017

The story so far and next steps outlined in a series of factsheets.

Posted 21 October 2017

Report explores the OA publishing landscape in eight European countries.

Posted 9 October 2017

A Pew Internet survey explores how people approach the search for information. What are the implications for librarians tasked with improving digital and information literacy?

Posted 6 October 2017

How well can libraries demonstrate their impact on student learning and success?

Posted 5 October 2017

Organisational and commercial forces are driving change and experimentation.

Posted 4 October 2017

Over 70,000 online news consumers were surveyed and additional qualitative research undertaken.

Posted 22 September 2017

A study by Pew Research Center explores how citizens access science news.

Posted 18 September 2017