A new strategy for the Open Preservation Foundation

OPF sets out long-term plans for the organisation.

With a vision of ‘open sustainable digital preservation’, the Open Preservation Foundation is a member-driven, global organisation leading a collaborative effort to create, maintain and develop the reference set of sustainable, open source digital preservation tools.

Strategic areas of focus for the organisation

  • Knowledge sharing – through a programme of webinars; member-led interest groups; community blog; toolset; and a wiki
  • Community engagement - engaging with a community of developers and users from OPF members to individuals and organisations beyond the membership
  • Training - maximising the numbers of users of the OPF toolset; maximising each tool’s effectiveness; offering a range of training formats

About the OPF toolset features

  • small, modular elements
  • open standards or specifications
  • authoritative in interpretation and enforcement of standards
  • open source to allow universal scrutiny and use
  • identified and secured by a digital signature (platform applicable)
  • production system quality (subject to implementation)
  • can be used alone or integrated in third-party systems
  • include test data that can be used to check third party tool compliance

Strategic goals

  • More members across more domains
  • Improve member benefits
  • Support best practice
  • Open source project guidance
  • Host central community services
  • Initial toolset composition
  • Roadmaps
  • Develop the adoption process
  • Membership approval of a toolset composition

Action plans

  • Resource and project planning - establish a resource and project planning process to balance the demands on staff, resources and time
  • Management and reporting - establish appropriate management and reporting processes to ensure that staff, board and members are fully informed
  • Establish a marketing plan and review process - create and maintain a yearly plan to outline marketing activities and reporting
  • New member recruitment - OPF will create and maintain a member recruitment pack and devise a process to bring in new members
  • Member survey - OPF will perform a regular survey of members. Survey information will feed into best practice projects, roadmaps and toolset composition
  • Training - build re-usable training courses on components of the OPF reference toolset
  • Policy - determine/ adopt a mechanism for cataloguing, documenting and explaining digital preservation policy
  • Blogs, websites, branding – including updating the website to make information more findable
  • OPF software maturity model - building on existing OPF work, establish a set of metrics for software quality and project quality
  • Roadmap process - OPF will build a set of simple product roadmaps with the idea of improving the roadmap format and presentation through an iterative process.

You can find out more about the OPF here.