The role of the University Librarian

The Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) has released a statement describing the ways in which librarians help advance global scholarship.

“The University Librarian shapes the vision and delivers excellence in the provision of information services, resources, and facilities to advance the university’s strategic goals”

The University Librarian does this by positioning the library system as the locus of learning outside of the classroom and providing:

  • research assistance and instruction
  • learner centred facilities for study
  • technologies to support information access, use, preservation, creation, dissemination
  • continuously improved and enhanced library services and resources that enhance the student experience and contribute to student retention and success
  • programmes for students and faculty
  • optimal access to information resources that match the university’s mission
  • collections that enhance the university’s research ranking

The breadth of the role – relationships, vision and trends

The University Librarian also advances scholarship and supports the university’s mission by:

  • building and maintaining collaborative relationships with all areas and roles that support the research enterprise
  • understanding, supporting and driving developments in open science, RDM and data management challenges
  • leading on matters of university digital strategy, managing the university press, archives, online learning services or more
  • partnering and leading in matters of fundraising, community relations, diversity and inclusion, risk management and more
  • providing strategic direction and leadership in the adoption of emerging technologies

Libraries advance the university’s research enterprise and educational mission, driving student success and the university’s contribution to global scholarship and the advancement of knowledge.

Source: The Canadian Association of Research Libraries.