The cost of tech skills gaps

A new report (The Cost of Cloud Expertise) surveyed 950 IT decision makers and 950 IT pros from across the globe.

The report set out to discover the barriers to increasing cloud usage; the impact this has on innovation and business growth; and the skills organisations require to compete.

Key findings

  • 71% of IT decision makers believe their organisations have lost revenue due to a lack of cloud expertise accounting for an average of 5% of total global revenue
  • 40%of IT decision makers are concerned that they cannot keep pace with cloud technology’s evolution and demands; 38% struggle to keep up with the expertise required to maximise the return on investment of the cloud
  • 42% of IT decision makers believe there is a lag in their organisation’s ability to deploy cloud platforms due to a lack of skills
  • 65% of IT pros believe that they could bring greater innovation to their organisation with the right expertise
  • 44% of IT pros spend more time managing their organisation’s cloud services than they initially expected
  • 31% of IT pros say they struggle to keep up with the expertise required to get the most out of the cloud
  • On average each IT team is spending 13% of its budget training new staff

The researchers surveyed IT professionals in Australia, Benelux, Germany, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK, USA. In addition, LSE academics conducted research on digital skills and cloud computing.

The report can be downloaded here.