Applications and bandwidth

A new Sandvine report looks at internet traffic and ranks applications on their traffic share.

The report measures global traffic share from three perspectives:

  • Downstream - traffic volume downloaded from the internet (e.g. video streaming, a file downloading or downloading an app
  • Upstream - traffic volume uploaded to the internet (e.g. requests for content, interactive messaging or a Twitch stream of a gaming session from a console
  • Connections - the number of “conversations” occurring for an application. For example, BitTorrent, uses many connections to transfer data or video to the end user.

Key findings

  • The top nine worldwide apps are:
    • Netflix
    • HTTP Media Stream (protocol)
    • YouTube
    • Raw MPEG-TS (protocol)
    • Quic (protocol)
    • Amazon Prime
    • HTTP Download
    • HTTP
    • Playstation network download
  • 50% of the internet traffic is encrypted
  • In terms of traffic, Instagram is the leading social network followed by Facebook.
  • Skype is the top messaging app, followed by WhatsApp
  • Spotify leads music streaming services
The report incudes regional trends and also looks beyond the top performing apps. This includes IoT devices (Nest Thermostat, which is in 55th position in the list of connections, voice assistants such as Siri and Alexa and cryptocurrencies).

Although the report has global coverage, the authors state they did not have access to significant data from India or China.

The report can be downloaded here.
Original source TNW.