Global digital markets – a snapshot

comScore has published its 2018 international digital overview 'Global Digital Future in Focus'.

The report looks at 13 global digital markets, examining key audience and consumption indicators across desktop, smartphone and tablet devices.

Key findings

  • Multiplatform access to the internet (via desktop and mobile) is still the norm - but
  • The percentage of mobile-only users surpassed 30 percent of users worldwide for the first time
  • Mobile-only users consume twice as many digital minutes per person
  • The smartphone is now the dominant platform in terms of total digital minutes across every market
  • Argentina continues to deliver the largest number of mobile minutes per user
  • Canada has the highest level of per-user desktop consumption
  • Smartphone is now the dominant platform in terms of total minutes across every market – most noticeable in India (89% of total minutes)
  • Over 80% of all mobile time is dominated by app consumption

Mobile apps

  • Google and Facebook continue to enjoy dominance in the Top Five App Charts in all the territories covered in the report
  • However, Snapchat is a notable new entry in the rankings for two of the largest digital economies – the UK and the USA
  • Time spent using apps is concentrated on four activities: entertainment; social media; instant messaging and gaming
  • WhatsApp messenger reaps the advantage of early adoption, but this is likely to change. The researchers conclude that the instant message market is one to watch.

The countries covered by the report are:

Argentina; Brazil; Canada; France; Germany; India; Indonesia; Italy; Malaysia; Mexico; Spain; UK; USA.

The White Paper can be downloaded here