Latest data on global digital usage

3.5 billion people are using social media; half the world population watches online video; emoji usage continues to grow.

The latest Global Digital Statshot report (published quarterly by Hootsuite and We Are Social) comes in the form of a SlideShare presentation and shares data on how people are using the internet right now.

Social media users pass 3.5 billion

  • The number of people around the world using social media has just passed the 3.5 billion mark.
  • The number of social media users has grown by more than a quarter of a billion over the past twelve months
  • 46% of the world’s total population is using social media
  • This figure rises to 59% when counting ‘eligible audiences’ – people aged 13 and above

Over 5 billion mobile users

  • 66% of the global population has mobile device
  • 30 million mobile apps downloaded in Q2 2019
  • 7% growth in number of apps downloaded annually
  • Global consumer spend on mobile apps in Q2 2019 = $22.6 billion

Expressing ourselves through emojis

Another report, this time by Adobe, explores how emoji usage is growing – and how they are growing in importance especially to Gen Z-ers.

  • 65% of all emoji users say they are more comfortable expressing their feelings through emojis than through phone conversations
  • 83% of Gen Z-ers are more comfortable expressing emotions through emojis than through phone conversations
  • Emoji users say making conversations more fun is their top reason for using them
  • 61% of emoji users say they use emojis at work, most frequently with peers
    • They say emoji use positively impacts likability and makes positive news seem more sincere
  • Over half of emoji users say they’d be more likely to engage with brands that use emojis
  • 58%say they are more likely to open emails from brands that have emojis in the subject line.

Apple releases more emojis for World Emoji Day

New emojis represent greater colour and gender diversity. There are also new animals, new food items and new clothing items.

Links to the reports

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