Search Trends

Arthur Weiss explores features and functions not seen on the Google search bar.

Posted 28 September 2012

This year, for the first time, two winners are announced.

Posted 27 September 2012

Formal announcement on long running dispute expected soon.

Posted 25 July 2012

Martin White, the Conference Chairman of Enterprise Search Europe, shares some highlights and learnings from the recent event.

Posted 07 June 2012

Personalisation, contextualisation and extracting meaning from Big Data are key trends in enterprise search.

Posted 11 May 2012

Ongoing survey indicates clear need for effective enterprise search strategies.

Posted 13 April 2012

Russian search engine Yandex has announced its 2011 financial results.

Posted 22 February 2012

In a survey 45% of users say they want to see the same results as everyone else; search experts express concerns about Google's 'Search, plus your world'.

Posted 17 February 2012

Submissions are sought for this year's conference scheduled to take place on 30-31 May in London.

Posted 12 January 2012

Google continues to streamline its services in bid to improve the user experience.

Posted 23 November 2011

Phil Bradley looks forward to his presentation at Internet Librarian International 2011. He just can't tell us anything about it yet!

Posted 01 September 2011

Tech giant offers to pay £7bn for search specialist Autonomy.

Posted 20 August 2011

Google has been offered an out of court settlement in Belgium after Street View cars 'breached data privacy'.

Posted 18 August 2011

Google continues to 'priortise product efforts' in a Google Plus world.

Posted 21 July 2011

The inaugural Enterprise Search Europe conference takes place in London in October and features insight and expertise from global enterprise search experts.

Posted 08 July 2011

Research highlights the most popular Google tools used in Competitive Intelligence and suggests that practitioners might be unaware of the range of tools available.

Posted 10 June 2011

Shares in Russia's leading search engine surge in first day of trading.

Posted 25 May 2011

Recent developments in the development of social search focus on better decision making and trusted networks.

Posted 24 May 2011

Semantic search will help identify multiple concepts within single search queries.

Posted 15 April 2011

Autonomy's new search technology Aurasma embeds images and videos onto images of 'real objects'.

Posted 15 April 2011

Hervé Basset, independent consultant and author of the Science Intelligence blog, recommends EasyBib.

Posted 15 April 2011

New conference will focus on practical aspects of enterprise search in Europe.

Posted 07 April 2011

Google found guilty of 'defamation' against Italian businessman.

Posted 07 April 2011

Informed bewilderment, destructive creativity, filter failure and discovery deficit are some of the buzzwords emerging from day one of UKSG 2011.

Posted 04 April 2011

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Posted 16 March 2011