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Librarians' skill sets align perfectly with the job requirements for prompt engineering

Posted 06 June 2023

Recognizing that some papers can have hundreds, and in rare cases, thousands of authors, PubMed is now streamlining the display of lengthy author lists in search results.

Posted 04 April 2023

The acquisition further enhances PatentSight, LexisNexis flagship IP analytics solution.

Posted 07 March 2023

Searching the web may seem simple for the average user: Just type in some keywords, and the search engine of your choice, often Google, will present you with the most relevant results. However, new search engines challenging that paradigm present interesting alternatives for information professionals.

Posted 07 March 2023

In the "Patents4Science" project, four Leibniz institutes joined forces to build an information infrastructure for the easy use of patent knowledge in science.

Posted 03 January 2023

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and excited the imaginations of its millions of users, who find innovative applications from which ChatGPT learns. Educators and librarians worry that text generated by ChatGPT and similar programs will encourage plagiarism and make it more difficult to detect.

Posted 03 January 2023

This massive open dataset now brings the entirety of the Archive's international television news holdings to selections from 98 channels across 50 countries and territories, in 35 languages and dialects, spanning 20 years of content.

Posted 04 October 2022

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine lets you see what websites used to look like but it can only do that if volunteers actively save those sites and pages. Gary Price explains how to do that.

Posted 04 October 2022

OCLC expands web visibility subscription options to improve impact and exposure for more libraries worldwide.

Posted 06 September 2022

Google now links search results directly to records of print books in hundreds of libraries using WorldCat data

Posted 03 May 2022

Recognizing that information these days comes to us from an enormous number of sources and different directions, Google's new fact checking features helps searchers sort out what information is credible and what isn't.

Posted 05 April 2022

The acquisition includes Informa's full portfolio of specialist brands which includes the Citeline suite of products, Trialtrove, Sitetrove, Pharmaprojects and Citeline branded products, as well as Biomedtracker, Clinerion, Datamonitor Healthcare, Pink Sheet, Scrip, Skipta, and TrialScope. The acquisition is expected to complete within the first half of 2022, subject to any relevant regulatory clearances. Its publications and data are well represented in Dow Jones Factiva and LexisNexis

Posted 01 March 2022

EthicsFinder, hosted by Australian Catholic University, features expertly curated information on topics of interest to researchers in the field of ethics.

Posted 01 March 2022

CABI launched searchRxiv (pronounced ‘search archive'), its new open access platform. The website is designed to let researchers report, store and share their searches, thus helping with the review and re-use of existing searches to make research quicker and easier.

Posted 05 January 2022

Here are five sites that can help you broaden your knowledge of what's findable (mostly for free—although I'd always recommend using the pay-to-use sites for corporate intelligence also).

Posted 07 December 2021

Dialog Solutions announced it was adding the database to its platform. Since is a free database on the web, what is the advantage to searching it on Dialog?

Posted 05 October 2021

Our wonderful Internet Librarian International community, confronted with the pandemic-dictated cancellation of our conference two years in a row, took full advantage of the virtual world to attend Bite-sized ILI on 22 September 2021. A half-day event, Bite-sized ILI featured three sessions and five speakers. Over 80 people registered, from 20 countries, emphasizing the truly international nature of ILI.

Posted 05 October 2021

Axel Springer signed an agreement to acquire POLITICO, Nexstar acquired digital media platform The Hill, and Forbes merged with the special interest acquisition company Magnum Opus Acquisition Ltd.

Posted 07 September 2021

As part of a long-term strategy by Clarivate to remove friction from IP management processes by connecting the IP ecosystem, Clavivate Plc plans to integrate its trademark portfolio databases. It says this will reduce manual data entry efforts to help customers save time and increase data quality.

Posted 03 August 2021

Two Google initiatives over the past few months resonate particularly well with information professionals. Google Scholar added a "Public access" section to track and manage public access mandates and Google Search can now detect when a topic is rapidly evolving and warn people to check back late.

Posted 06 July 2021

DeepDyve announced the availability of the DeepDyve Digital Library, a fully integrated platform aimed at helping research organisations discover, access and manage research papers. The Digital Library is a one-stop platform designed for small to medium-sized teams and organizations needing easy and affordable solutions for reading and organizing scientific papers. Although the press release states that this product doesn't need information professionals or IT staff, it should be on the radar screen of librarians, particularly those in smaller, poorly-funded institutions and companies.

Posted 04 May 2021

Suite of solutions designed to improve patient-centered outcomes, increase patient engagement and support value-based care 

Posted 05 January 2021

Yewno, a leading provider of Artificial Intelligence solutions, announced the enhancement of the Yewno Discover research platform to include news content.

Posted 05 January 2021

The Institution of Engineering and Technology's (IET) Inspec database has reached over 20 million indexed records throughout its 50-year history.

Posted 01 December 2020

Law firms around the world can now expand their legal research by uploading their own documents to vLex Cloud and combine their knowledge with vLex's global collection of legal information to create a research resource personalised to the needs of the firm and their clients.

Posted 03 November 2020