Clarivate launches new Artificial Intelligence tools to enable brand risk assessment

New tools gather, analyze, compare and deliver insights from more than 140 million trademark records and more than 6.2 million trademark office and court decisions.

As part of a range of new and enhanced capabilities based on AI technologies and integrations of its many patent and trademark databases it expects to introduce in 2023, Clarivate Plc launched the Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyzer and the Clarivate Trademark Watch Analyzer. Together they brand risk assessment to make trademark intelligence more actionable.

With almost 12 million new trademark applications in 2022, the trend towards exponential growth is likely to continue. A single, integrated solution, Brand Landscape Analyzer integrates CompuMark trademark data (covering 188 registers) and Darts-ip litigation data (covering more than 6.4+ million trademark cases worldwide). Search results are relevance ranked. It can help formulate confident decisions regarding brand viability using its in-house technical expertise and insight from industry professionals.

The Trademark Watch Analyzer, also combining Clarivate’s Darts-ip and CompuMark, is being designed to address the challenges faced by trademark owners in protecting their trademarks. Advanced algorithms and machine learning models reduce the risk of missing potential threats. Global monitoring and automated alerts will enable trademark owners to monitor and protect global brands with confidence.

To learn more about the Clarivate Brand Landscape Analyze and the Clarivate Trademark Watch Analyzer, visit here.