System launches System Pro, AI-powered search with explainability and trustworthiness at the core

System Pro is a new AI-powered search engine designed to be the most trustworthy, transparent way for researchers and doctors to quickly find, synthesize and contextualize scientific literature 

System Pro  is designed to help professionals quickly find, synthesize, and contextualize scientific literaturestarting in health and life sciences. System, Inc. founder and CEO Adam Bly, wrote in a blog post that he thinks classic search engines provide lists of thousands of studies while other AI search engines provide no or few citations and are prone to making them up. System Pro, on the other hand, combines LLMs with structured data and a patented graph architecture. He sees it as built for discovery, not just search. Its novel visualization layer, which shows how topics are statistically related, helps break down disciplinary silos and support systems-based research and solutions. 

System Pro is the first application built on top of System, an open graph that organizes information based primarily on statistical relationships rather than semantic ones. Based on a user’s search, System Pro uses AI to synthesize the statistical results from millions of peer-reviewed studies on PubMed and OpenAlex, transparently cite all sources used in its synthesis, and recommend and visualize topics that relate statistically to each search. Setting a new industry standard, System Pro shows its work: it integrates citations directly in the text of written syntheses, backing up every single claim with transparently cited sources and showing how it came to each.

System Pro is subscription-based, not a free search engine. Check the website for current pricing.