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In the UK, more women are playing video games than men.
In the UK there have been major changes to the National Curriculum - but how will parents cope?
New report analyses how business leaders make decisions.
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Changes aim to focus on 'relevance' in newsfeeds.
Service launched in six countries in the course of one week.
Crowdsourcing platform has already generated over $1 billion in worldwide pledges.
Web service firm buys 'the Russian Facebook'.
New ruling by European Court of Justice sets out guidelines.

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Phil Bradley reviews Europeana's new resource released to coincide with the centenary of the outbreak of WW1.
Moshe Pritsker, Founder of JoVE, on how peer reviewed video publication of laboratory experiments will save science.
Phil Bradley on why information professionals should be adding Google+ to their social media portfolio.
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Discovery tools - working towards a user-friendly interface What lessons can be learned by working closely with users and focusing on 'user friendly' discovery? Tue, September 02, by Cattis HummelstrandJohanna Säll
Twitter tactics How are libraries REALLY using Twitter? A project set out to analyse Canadian Research Libraries (CARL) use of Twitter. Sun, September 14, by Angela Hamilton and Sarah Forbes
What do distance learners want from library discovery tools? Do distance learners really want a Google-like search experience? The Open University wanted to find out. Fri, September 05, by Keren Mills
Taking the temperature on e-book purchases in Denmark Libraries are exploring new acquisition models to improve cost-effectiveness and to better meet the needs of patrons. Fri, September 05, by Helle Lauridsen and Vibeke Christensen
Building relationships and transforming services Brunel University London Library set out to gain Customer Service Excellence Standard accreditation. Tue, September 02, by Sarah Wolfenden
Government libraries – a new model? In the Australian state of Queensland a new model reflects the changed nature of library and information services. Thu, August 21, by Angela Vilkins

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