Access Innovations, Inc. launched knowledge domains that support AI efforts for content producers

Over 70 knowledge domains are available for licence to content producers who can use them as they deploy AI systems in their organizations. The knowledge domains cover a wide range of topics, including medicine, engineering, humanities, biology, and chemistry, among others.

According to Marjorie Hlava, Chief Scientist and Founder of Access Innovations, Inc., “The knowledge domains are not only a fully developed thesaurus including the hierarchical taxonomy view, related terms, and a robust layer of synonyms, but have the option to include an automatic tagging component using the outline of knowledge for a specific conceptual area or “domain” as well”. 

The tagging component is important to ensure that information provided by the AI systems is accurate, unlike the hallucinations that are unfortunately all too common when using general purpose chatbots and LLMs, such as ChatGPT. Access Innovations’ knowledge domain offerings use a machine aided process to accelerate the identification of every single possible synonym for a given word within an LLM.

Available knowledge domains can be found here.