cOAlition S have chosen a consultant to undertake a study that assesses the impact Plan S has had on the global scholarly communication ecosystem and facilitating the transition to full and immediate open access (OA)

In response to the tender offer, cOAlition S chose scidecode

The announcement  that the tender process for a study to assess the impact of Plan S on the global scholarly communication ecosystem stated that the tender has been awarded to scidecode science consulting,  an international team of experts with extensive consulting experience and project work within the scholarly communication domain.

To assess the impact Plan S has had on the scholarly communication ecosystem and on facilitating research to be published Open Access, scidecode will follow a multifaceted approach, encompassing both quantitative econometrics and a qualitative methodology based on desk research, a comprehensive literature analysis, and in-depth interviews with key stakeholders. These stakeholders will include research funders, advocates for institutional Open Access initiatives, publishers and researchers.

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