Taylor & Francis extends access to all its journals to Wikipedia editors

A new agreement with The Wikipedia Library allows volunteer editors to use the latest peer-reviewed research to enhance the quality and reliability of Wikipedia articles.

The work of Wikipedia’s volunteer editors has been given a significant boost with the announcement they now have free access to all Taylor & Francis and Routledge journals. Through The Wikipedia Library, a project of the Wikimedia Foundation, the global non-profit that hosts Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, active Wikipedia editors will be able to read and cite millions of peer-reviewed journal articles across every discipline, from anthropology to zoology.

Wikipedia is one of the most widely used sources of information on the internet and has more than 6 million articles in the English-language version alone. The information on Wikipedia is curated by a global community of volunteer editors around the world. These editors compile and share information on notable subjects from reliable sources, such as newspaper articles and peer-reviewed journals, in accordance with the encyclopedia’s editorial policies and guidelines.

Since 2015, The Wikipedia Library and Taylor & Francis partnership has supported active volunteer editors, who often lack access to university collections, to read Taylor & Francis journals in the arts and humanities, strategic studies, and business. The new agreement, which extends the program to more than 3 million articles across all subject disciplines, will substantially increase the diversity of content available to Wikipedia editors.

Read the full press release here .