The commercial and social value of open cultural data is recognised by the EU.

Posted 22 June 2012

Agreement is 'first step' towards harmonising copyright rules across the EU.

Posted 11 June 2012

The latest developments in copyright law - and implications for information professionals - were explored at a NetIKX/BIALL event.

Posted 21 May 2012

The increased volume and variety of data brings both opportunities and challenges. Big issues and big ideas were discussed at the Eduserv Symposium.

Posted 11 May 2012

DCMS is exploring options to transfer the administration of PLR.

Posted 10 May 2012

Agreement reached between Japan and European Patent Offices to improve access to patent information.

Posted 14 February 2012

Ways forward for European copyright reform discussed at 'Towards Flexible Copyright' event.

Posted 14 February 2012

A new online guide outlines the key elements of effective copyright policy documents.

Posted 13 February 2012

The UK Government's is looking for evidence to inform its Copyright Consultation - and information professionals should get involved says Emily Goodhand.

Posted 17 January 2012

Online copyright materials expanded to reach more librarians.

Posted 16 January 2012

Mobile access is no longer niche - it is mainstream. Two speakers at Online Information shared lessons in how to develop successful mobile apps.

Posted 08 December 2011

The European Commission is considering how the Data Retention Directive should be revised.

Posted 25 November 2011

IFLA sets out to inform librarians of copyright issues and to provide links to helpful resources.

Posted 10 November 2011

Phil Bradley looks forward to his presentation at Internet Librarian International 2011. He just can't tell us anything about it yet!

Posted 01 September 2011

Privacy and digital regulation issues continue to exercise the UK government - and the public. 'Hackgate' has raised questions about how news organisations source their stories. We take a look at the story so far.

Posted 16 August 2011

iPad app provides access to a wide range of 19th century works in English and other languages.

Posted 03 August 2011

The European Commission is making changes to data protection laws and warning that organisations need to take data protection seriously.

Posted 29 July 2011

A survey conducted by the Gallup Organization examines the opinions of internet users in 27 EU member states on the use of different languages on the web.

Posted 11 May 2011

UK's Digital Economy Act complies with EU law says judicial review.

Posted 21 April 2011

Microsoft's 'rival to StreetView' will launch in Europe.

Posted 14 April 2011

Information Today publishes a range of journals, newsletters, books and blogs in the information space, including a wealth of online content. Here we bring you recent highlights that you may have missed first time round.

Posted 14 April 2011

Elsevier is offering $35,000 in an international competition to develop apps to 'accelerate science'.

Posted 08 April 2011

Copyright law in Europe is evolving at a 'dazzling pace' and more change is expected.

Posted 18 March 2011

The New York Times digital subscription model has been announced, and widely debated.

Posted 18 March 2011

Is there an optimum design for an Intellectual Property framework? An independent review in the UK seeks to find the answer.

Posted 03 March 2011