Mobile Devices

A new book believes we should pay greater attention to how technology may be changing the wiring of our brains.

Posted 03 October 2014

Global survey on privacy, personal information and apps.

Posted 11 September 2014

According to recent reports, Google is working on child-friendly versions of some of its services.

Posted 21 August 2014

Dating website deliberately mis-matched users; art gallery 'sells' art to the emotional.

Posted 31 July 2014

Young women urged to consider unexpected consequences of 'sexy selfies' while footage of a man taking a 'dangerous selfie' in Spain has gone viral.

Posted 17 July 2014

The way we consume 'printed' news has changed forever - but what will happen next?

Posted 14 June 2014

Linguistic project exploring how people use the app to communicate.

Posted 14 June 2014

Successful challenge to law which came into effect in 2013.

Posted 14 June 2014

Posted 05 June 2014

Emporia State University set out to enhance student interaction and learning through the use of Augmented Reality.

Posted 03 June 2014

Next-gen HTML article emphasises portability.

Posted 20 February 2014

Starr Hoffman explores how academic librarians can enrich scholarly conversations.

Posted 27 November 2013

In order to create a mobile-friendly environment, the librarians at Uppsala University had to develop their own skills.

Posted 01 November 2013

Moshe Pritsker, Founder of JoVE, on how peer reviewed video publication of laboratory experiments will save science.

Posted 20 September 2013

The increasingly mobile researcher gets a new app.

Posted 01 August 2013

51.7 million tablet devices were shipped during the second quarter of 2013.

Posted 30 July 2013

Continued growth facilitated by smartphones ownership.

Posted 09 July 2013

90% growth rate predicted for 2013.

Posted 28 June 2013

People are changing the way they access and read news.

Posted 26 June 2013

The European online advertising market is worth €24.3bn.

Posted 01 June 2013

Google has revamped Gmail by introducing a tabbed inbox feature.

Posted 30 May 2013

Ian Clark explores how MOOCs could transform higher education and how the role of librarians might change.

Posted 10 May 2013

Soundcloud and SwiftKey chosen as overall winners.

Posted 25 April 2013

Continued growth will take Appstore to nearly 200 countries.

Posted 17 April 2013

Google Play Music has gone live in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Posted 11 April 2013