Europe: online advertising growth

The European online advertising market is worth €24.3bn.

IAB Europe’s latest AdEx Benchmark survey highlights continued growth in the online advertising sector, with an overall growth rate of 11.5% in 2012. 

  • Online video advertising is up by over 50%.
  • Mobile advertising continues to surge with an increase of 78.3%.
  • Mobile advertising revenues reached over €660 million
  • Mobile advertising now accounts for 5% of all online display spend
  • Paid-For-Search grew 15.5%, with  a market value of €11.9bn.
  • Paid-For-Search in Russia grew over 44%

Top 10 European countries by spend

  1. UK                                €6.6bn
  2. Germany                       €4.6bn
  3. France                           €2.8bn
  4. Russia                           €1.5bn
  5. Italy                              €1.4bn
  6. Netherlands                   €1.2bn
  7. Spain                            €0.9bn
  8. Sweden                         €0.8bn
  9. Norway                          €0.6bn
  10. Denmark                       €0.6bn

For more information see IAB.