Mobile Devices

TomTom to review data sharing after public backlash.

Posted 29 April 2011

Information Today publishes a range of journals, newsletters, books and blogs in the information space, including a wealth of online content. Here we bring you recent highlights that you may have missed first time round.

Posted 14 April 2011

The most popular activities include game playing, information searching and emailing.

Posted 11 April 2011

Users in the UK and the Netherlands spend the most time online; Austrians the least. The Digital Year in Review 2010 examines European trends in internet usage.

Posted 26 February 2011

Tablets will be the fastest growing mobile device in history, according to Morgan Stanley.

Posted 21 February 2011

FreePint has published two research reports that explore corporate and individual attitudes to mobile content.

Posted 17 February 2011

Payment service will enable publishers to 'have control over pricing of content' says Google.

Posted 16 February 2011

Research reveals that European countries lag behind the US in mass-market acceptance of eBooks and eReaders, but the market is picking up speed.

Posted 21 January 2011

The information industry will focus on 'mobile' and 'social' in 2011.

Posted 18 January 2011

What does 2011 hold for the development of search tools?

Posted 15 December 2010

Due to its end of year scheduling, 'Online' presents opportunities to 'pause and reflect' and to consider where future trends are leading us.

Posted 08 December 2010

What are the challenges of creating content for a mobile environment?

Posted 02 December 2010

Publishers and information professionals gather to discuss what next for the 'online revolution'

Posted 05 November 2010

'Largest ever' study says digital engagement in emerging markets is overtaking mature markets

Posted 04 November 2010