Information Law

France's data protection authority has announced a $57 million fine against Google.

Posted 22 January 2019

Initiatives designed to keep children safe online.

Posted 26 November 2018

French officials will spend six months reviewing content moderation processes.

Posted 13 November 2018

Member states will now be allowed to grant e-books, audio books and printed books the same tax status.

Posted 03 October 2018

The inventor of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wants to give people more control over their data.

Posted 02 October 2018

Antitrust violations generate record fine.

Posted 18 July 2018

Aaron Tay considers the potential uses of Google Assistant and Alexa for library and academic services and concludes there is still plenty of room for innovation.

Posted 26 June 2018

A wide range of topics were covered at INFORUM in Prague, including library strategy and advocacy, tech developments, preservation, archiving and digitisation.

Posted 12 June 2018

Open to non-members, topics covered include privacy and GIS data.

Posted 07 June 2018

Big companies accused of breaking the new law.

Posted 29 May 2018

Phil Bradley explains what net neutrality means - and why information professionals should care.

Posted 18 May 2018

Further efforts to seem more transparent.

Posted 17 May 2018

Twitter says it has developed an algorithm to help it identify troll behaviour.

Posted 16 May 2018

200 apps have been suspended so far.

Posted 15 May 2018

Danish citizen first to be charged and convicted under new law.

Posted 01 May 2018

WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has increased its minimum user age from 13 to 16.

Posted 25 April 2018

Investigation into whether Facebook has breached the 1988 Privacy Act.

Posted 05 April 2018

A new report from Wellcome explores how the UK and EU can work together to ensure strong research collaboration post-Brexit.

Posted 08 March 2018

Google releases information on three years of requests and its responses.

Posted 02 March 2018

Researchers in Spain set out to estimate the amount of sensitive, personally identifiable data held by Facebook.

Posted 25 February 2018

Martin White considers the intellectual property and security implications for hosting jointly shared information and data.

Posted 21 February 2018

With only a few months to go before GDPR comes into effect, most EU countries remain unprepared.

Posted 26 January 2018

First cases in English court scheduled.

Posted 26 January 2018

Prompted by high profile attacks including those on the the NHS is the UK and on infrastructure in the Ukraine, cyber security was in the spotlight in 2017. Sam Reed shares his pick of cyber security resolutions for 2018.

Posted 02 January 2018

Claims that fake profiles were used to approach targets in an attempt to glean information.

Posted 12 December 2017