More than 500 global organisations and individuals have signed up to support The Hague Declaration on Knowledge Discovery in the Digital Age.

Posted 08 June 2015

CNIL has published its annual report for 2014.

Posted 19 April 2015

Music continues to be a multi-format industry with global revenues divided equally between digital and physical.

Posted 15 April 2015

Ian Clark prefers to focus on the positive aspects of web anonymity.

Posted 13 March 2015

As the demand for offsite access continues to grow, are librarians providing seamless user journeys?

Posted 12 March 2015

The latest issue of Science is a special issue on 'The end of Privacy'.

Posted 30 January 2015

Study of papers in Cornell University Library's online archive (arXiv) reveals 'text overlap'.

Posted 02 January 2015

Google expands Knowledge Graph.

Posted 29 December 2014

Federal Supreme Court finds in favour of document delivery service.

Posted 22 December 2014

Nearly half of digital consumers are downloading content illegally.

Posted 18 December 2014

Google's European woes continue.

Posted 16 December 2014

Police raids target several addresses.

Posted 16 December 2014

Google News in Spain will close in December 2014.

Posted 11 December 2014

Europe wants to see search engines unbundled from other commercial services.

Posted 01 December 2014

Streaming service increases revenues - but still not in profit.

Posted 27 November 2014

Digital technologies open up debate and foster democratic participation - and enable widespread surveillance and interception.

Posted 13 November 2014

Experts say lack of skills is a 'societal challenge'.

Posted 05 November 2014

'Google Tax' to become law in 2015.

Posted 31 October 2014

A round-up of stories featuring trolls, hackers, scammers and more.

Posted 27 October 2014

Collaboration with Europeana and Google.

Posted 08 October 2014

Website to be key source of information on copyright.

Posted 08 October 2014

In Germany, Google newspaper search results no longer feature 'snippets' of articles.

Posted 03 October 2014

Google continues to face challenges in Europe.

Posted 01 October 2014

Settlement means €10 million will be paid to Dutch actors and musicians.

Posted 10 September 2014

City of London Police warning against possible criminality.

Posted 02 September 2014