Symantec declares 2013 a year of mega-breaches and targeted attacks.

Posted 29 July 2014

Disagreement over reforms delays European White Paper on copyright reform.

Posted 25 July 2014

Google given 18 months to comply.

Posted 22 July 2014

Report reveals increase in cases handled by ICO - and a data breach of its own.

Posted 17 July 2014

Research explores how key spam players interact. Canada's new anti-spam legislation came into effect in July 2014.

Posted 02 July 2014

Open letter from international publishers.

Posted 12 May 2014

The Belgium Anti-Piracy Federation (BAF) has accused six people of piracy.

Posted 07 May 2014

Study claims high proportion of population download illegally.

Posted 10 April 2014

Deadline for public consultation is 5 February 2014.

Posted 09 January 2014

Anonymous hacker accessed email alert app.

Posted 27 November 2013

EBLIDA calling for broader discussions on copyright.

Posted 20 November 2013

Privacy and digital regulation issues continue to exercise the UK government - and the public. 'Hackgate' has raised questions about how news organisations source their stories. We take a look at the story so far.

Posted 16 August 2011