Elsevier and the battle for OA

Academic publisher Elsevier responds to resignation of Lingua's entire editorial team.

The editors and entire editorial board of the journal Lingua have resigned in a row over Open Access and journal pricing.  They highlighted the cost to libraries of buying the journal as part of the publisher’s bundle deals which might include journals not wanted by potential buyers of Lingua. They also stated that as most of those providing journal content are paid by public funding, access to research outputs should be as open as possible.

The editorial team has announced it plans to launch a fully open new journal, Glossa, in 2016.

Elsevier has responded to the move with a statement which has itself caused a further backlash.

Other Elsevier news:

Elsevier has won an injunction against several sites that have been hosting pirated copies of e-books and journal articles.

Source: Inside Higher Ed.