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Searching the scholarly literature has long presented challenges to researchers, who grapple with online searching using keyword methods when they want to find concepts. Peter Webster, Technology Services Librarian at Saint Mary's University, Patrick Power Library, in Canada, became interested in how AI tools could make academic searching easier and solve the problems of concept identification. Here are his thoughts.

Posted 07 May 2024

A new report from the DIAMAS work package that SPARC Europe leads looks at understanding how institutional publishing is sustained today. Institutional publishers and service providers are diverse due to their missions, size and service provision. In addition, there is no definitive set of tasks that all institutional publishers share. These characteristics influence the sustainability options available to them and the choices they make.

Posted 05 April 2024

New OCLC Leaders Council to be phased in over the next year

Posted 02 April 2024

Information gathered from ChatGPT and other generative AI chatbots have been infiltrating the scholarly literature, according to several accounts appearing in the popular press, which is worrisome not only for scholars and librarians but also for the wider world. Distrust of scientific research has enormous implications. How bad is the problem? Marydee Ojala investigates.

Posted 02 April 2024

The two new titles in its collection of case studies are Animal Science Cases and Food Science and Nutrition Cases. The titles have been launched to answer the need for practical, educational resources in these subject areas. CABI Cases are backed by CABI's longstanding expertise in research and publishing in agriculture, the environment, and the applied life sciences.

Posted 05 March 2024

Mark Carden deserves congratulations for organising one of the most distinctive conferences on the scholarly calendar. This is a smallish conference, with around 160 attendees, but the attendees—publishers, librarians, and researchers—tend to return, because they know what to expect, and everyone I spoke to agreed it has a special atmosphere.

Posted 05 March 2024

Developed and tested with the research community, Scopus AI combines the world's largest database of curated scientific literature with responsible AI.

Posted 06 February 2024

Paper mills are a real threat to the integrity of the scholarly record. Collective effort is needed because no individual stakeholder can solve this problem alone.

Posted 06 February 2024

Cyberattacks on major libraries, including the British Library and the Toronto (Canada) Public Library, have had a crippling effect on their ability to provide even routine services. We look at what happened, the repercussions, the cost involved to recover and how to prevent such calamities going forward.

Posted 06 February 2024

Sage Policy Profiles, which is free to use, demonstrates the influence of research on global policymaking through a discovery process. Results can be viewed and exported in several visual formats and shared.

Posted 02 January 2024

The acquisition of scite further enhances Research Solutions' product offerings and provides cross-selling opportunities to scite's consistently growing B2C customer base of approximately 21,000 active subscribers, as well as its diverse B2B customer base of corporate entities, leading academic institutions, and government agencies.

Posted 05 December 2023

Launched as a pilot in January 2023, Path to Open is a delayed OA model where new books are made available to supporting libraries upon publication and become OA after 3 years.

Posted 07 November 2023

The new division is designed to enhance professional development and educational skills for businesses, organizations and individuals

Posted 07 November 2023

Company embarks on projects to determine how GenAI can enhance search discovery and content creation while avoiding "hallucinations" and spurious information.

Posted 03 October 2023

Acquisition will accelerate the adoption of Patron Point Software as the go-to marketing automation platform for libraries

Posted 05 September 2023

All three awards are open to individuals or groups from anywhere in the world. Nominations for all three 2023 awards must reach UKeiG by 6 pm GMT on Friday 29 September 2023.

Posted 01 August 2023

Programs that reach out to artists and to minority youth interested in starting successful businesses can help individuals transcend dismal economic conditions

Posted 01 August 2023

IFLA's World Library & Information Congress will be held in Dubai, UAE, 19-23 August 2024

Posted 20 June 2023

Wiley extended its partnership with online library Perlego to offer higher education students around the world access to digital books. The partnership, which began in 2019, will extend for four years, through February 2027.

Posted 06 June 2023

The browser extension is designed to encourage library usage by users who start their research with a web search engine

Posted 02 May 2023

The King Salman Center for Disability Research (KSCDR)  joined ScienceOpen in January 2023, increasing the content available in disability studies by adding hundreds of articles, books, and book chapters on its new collection.

Posted 07 February 2023

JSTOR, part of the non-profit ITHAKA, and a cohort of leading university presses announced Path to Open, a program to support the open access publication of new groundbreaking scholarly books that bring diverse perspectives and research to millions of people.

Posted 07 February 2023

IFLA, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions, have published the latest update of the IFLA Trend Report, co-authored by the emerging leaders who attended IFLA's 2022 World Library and Information Congress.

Posted 07 February 2023

At the 2019 Academic Publishing in Europe (APE) conference, Judy Verses, then Executive Vice President, Research, Wiley Inc., announced that Wiley had signed a partnership agreement with Projekt DEAL. At this year's APE conference, Irina Sens, Deputy Director, Head of Library Operations, German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB), reported on "After the DEAL," an assessment of progress and a suggestion of possible ways forward.

Posted 07 February 2023

The American Psychological Association (APA) and edX, a leading global online learning platform from 2U, Inc., announced APA as the newest member of the global edX partner network and the launch of its first Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs).

Posted 03 January 2023