Research Solutions announced the acquisition of scite, the award-winning search and discovery platform that leverages AI to increase the discoverability and evaluation of research

The acquisition of scite further enhances Research Solutions' product offerings and provides cross-selling opportunities to scite's consistently growing B2C customer base of approximately 21,000 active subscribers, as well as its diverse B2B customer base of corporate entities, leading academic institutions, and government agencies.

Research Solutions, Inc. announced its acquisition of scite, which it believes will transform search and discovery solutions for researchers by delivering breakthrough AI technology. It will also add $3.6 million in annualized software subscription revenue to Research Solutions.

scite's Smart Citations go beyond traditional citations by displaying citation statements, their context within citing articles, and a classification to indicate whether the paper supports or contradicts the cited claim. Powering a suite of research features, this index of over one billion Smart Citations assists in discovering, vetting and understanding research articles. Furthermore, scite Assistant, an AI-powered chatbot, utilizes Smart Citations to fact-check and validate Large Language Models like ChatGPT, ensuring a trustworthy, transparent, and evidence-based "ChatGPT for research."

The motivation behind scite’s decision was its desire to further its mission of introducing the next generation of citations and better serve its users, publishers and the scholarly ecosystem for the long term. scite wants to ensure that it is not simply a scrappy startup working on the periphery of research but a well-resourced organization that can remain publisher-neutral and advance research, whether it is on Peppa Pig, prostate cancer, or particle physics. We see this next step of joining Research Solutions, a team equally dedicated to improving research, as a maturation of the company, idea, and, ultimately, of research. scite continues to envision a world where you can ask any question, get a trustworthy answer, understand how the answer came to be, and make better and quicker decisions using the next generation of citations.