Sage Launches a Free Collection of Social Science Resources on Global Democracy and Elections

Sage has launched a free-to-read hub of social and behavioral science resources to foster evidence-based discussions about democracy and the 2024 elections inside and outside the classroom. This is particularly important in a year where half the world's population will exercise their democratic right to vote.

The democracy and elections hub contains a curated selection of freely available resources, making evidence-based research accessible to students, librarians, faculty, researchers, and policymakers. 

Ziyad Marar, Sage’s president of global publishing, commented: “The word 'democracy' itself derives from 'demos,' meaning 'the people,' underscoring the primacy of understanding voters, voting, politics, and politicians. In this era of charged and polarized political debate, these resources—along with the ability to discern evidence-based information from misinformation—are essential in strengthening democracy and ensuring an informed and engaged electorate.”

The collection will help educators stimulate critical thinking on key subjects shaping politics in a significant election year, where many countries, including South Africa, Mexico, India, Pakistan, the European Union, the United Kingdom, and the United States are heading to the polls. It contains articles, reports, videos, and more, grouping resources into four subject areas. Examples include: 

Explore the free resources available on the democracy and elections hub now. 

Social Science Space, a Sage-supported community site, has also curated free-to-access content on U.S. and U.K. elections from across the community featuring blogs, webinars, and podcasts. 

The full press release is here     .