JSTOR, part of the non-profit ITHAKA, released the first 43 books of the first 100 Path to Open titles

Launched as a pilot in January 2023, Path to Open is a delayed OA model where new books are made available to supporting libraries upon publication and become OA after 3 years.

The recently released books, all peer-reviewed, were selected by the participating university presses and JSTOR, and explore topics in 36 subjects like Public Health, Religion, Education, Communications, Literature, Conflict Resolution, and Film Studies. They strengthen bibliodiversity by focusing on research from diverse perspectives that use a range of methodologies and that may be international, national, or local in focus.

To date, 37 university presses have joined the Path to Open initiative along with over 60 academic libraries, including consortia like the Big Ten Academic Alliance that are looking to develop sustainable open access solutions.

JSTOR will be reporting on the usage of Path to Open books before and after becoming open access. The titles, accessible to Path to Open libraries today, are in high-use disciplines for JSTOR and are searchable alongside journals, other books, and primary sources. When the books become open access after three years, usage is expected to increase. In the past, books that have transitioned from licensed to open on JSTOR have experienced 5,500% increases.

For more information and to view the complete list of the books now available, click here.