Public Libraries

IFLA is calling for input and examples from libraries around the world.

Posted 27 August 2015

£80k funding to trial membership initiatives in a bid to improve literacy.

Posted 25 August 2015

Second meeting of Libraries Task Force recommends creation of a national framework.

Posted 17 June 2015

Pilot study in English public libraries reveals that remote e-lending is popular with older, more affluent users but could reduce library footfall; best-selling titles accounted for over one-third of loans.

Posted 05 June 2015

The Ideas Box represents a major innovation in terms of access to information and culture in humanitarian crises.

Posted 10 May 2015

Key findings from an open dataset on makerspaces in the UK.

Posted 06 May 2015

Victoria Sculfor of Sue Hill Recruitment advises graduates that all information experience is valid.

Posted 10 April 2015

Ruling means prices are likely to increase in some countries.

Posted 09 March 2015

On National Libraries Day libraries and their supporters ran events, activities and protests in support of all types of libraries. Gary Green took to public transport to celebrate National Libraries Day in his own way.

Posted 09 February 2015

Russia's Minister of Culture has announced plans to launch a Russian National Digital Library in 2015.

Posted 05 January 2015

Cataloguing error meant treasure remained 'lost'.

Posted 02 December 2014

Maureen Hood describes how a public library service is using its 3D printer to provide services and experiences for its users.

Posted 07 November 2014

Gothic exhibition inspires 3D game.

Posted 04 November 2014

New law outlines the role of public libraries in the digital age.

Posted 09 August 2014

In theory EBA acquisition models promise a win-win for libraries, publishers and customers alike. But does the evidence support this hybrid model?

Posted 06 August 2014

Public libraries in Sweden are enhancing digital literacy by connecting non-users, digital visitors and digital residents.

Posted 25 July 2014

Evidence review of the economic contribution of libraries

Posted 05 June 2014

Research partnership puts value on public libraries.

Posted 16 May 2014

Restoration nearing completion.

Posted 14 April 2014

Welsh museums, libraries and archives to receive £2.2m.

Posted 11 April 2014

The British Library has acquired two rare manuscripts.

Posted 19 March 2014

Libraries in London and Paris working together.

Posted 02 March 2014

The new-style longlist for CILIP's children's book awards has been announced.

Posted 18 February 2014

Access to the Library's digital media player is now rolled out.

Posted 07 February 2014

The role of libraries is changing and their spaces, services and staff structures are evolving to reflect this.

Posted 17 October 2013