The Internet of Things is a powerful force for disruptive transformation.

Posted 18 November 2014

Proposed law will impact companies offering cloud storage solutions.

Posted 04 November 2014

Several surveys highlight the gap between employee expectations and the reality resulting in them creating their own 'Shadow IT' services.

Posted 26 October 2014

Jisc collaborating with UK universities.

Posted 09 October 2014

Google continues to face challenges in Europe.

Posted 01 October 2014

Shared data centre for academic and medical research.

Posted 08 September 2014

Research data and collaboration to be showcased.

Posted 01 August 2014

EU caps roaming charges by up to 50%.

Posted 01 July 2014

How can players from public administration, academia and industry work together to achieve open data sharing?

Posted 14 June 2014

500 members of the Research Data Alliance attended a Plenary Meeting in Dublin.

Posted 30 April 2014

The European Commission is making changes to data protection laws and warning that organisations need to take data protection seriously.

Posted 29 July 2011