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Europe's digital divide

Access to fast, reliable web services can have a positive impact on society and the economy. But the digital divide still exists says Ian Clark.
Featured Articles, Posted 20 Feb 2013

Sweden: world's fastest 4G

Research suggests that faster speeds equals more time spent online.
Featured News, Posted 14 Feb 2013

Germany: Axel Springer startup programme

Media company becomes involved in European 'hotspot' for startups.
Featured News, Posted 13 Feb 2013

Cloudbusting - demystifying the Cloud

The MmIT National conference is just around the corner. Olivia Greenstreet introduces this year's key theme.
Featured Articles, Posted 05 Feb 2013

EU agency recommends action against hackers

Governments should set traps to catch hackers and identify security weaknesses.
Featured News, Posted 26 Nov 2012

Google Play Music arrives in Europe

Google has begun to roll out its music streaming and cloud storage service in Europe.
Featured News, Posted 14 Nov 2012

Five internet security risks for 2013

Internet security firm Symantec predicts top five internet security issues for 2013.
Featured News, Posted 13 Nov 2012

Gamification, augmented reality and new generation library software

The role of new technologies in libraries was explored in a session at Internet Librarian International.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Nov 2012

Amazon Cloud Drive for Italy and Spain

Amazon continues to roll out new services and products to Europe.
Featured News, Posted 08 Oct 2012

QR code use in Europe

European smartphone owners doubled their use of QR codes in the last year.
Featured News, Posted 03 Oct 2012

Sustainable ICT in the education sector

Sustainability Exchange will enable effective information sharing for the education sector.
Featured News, Posted 03 Oct 2012

Ten trends in (US) academic libraries

What are the key trends and issues affecting academic libraries?
Featured News, Posted 15 Aug 2012

A digital single market for Europe

In order to benefit fully from the digital revolution, Europe needs to become a digital single market - as quickly as possible.
Featured Articles, Posted 02 Jul 2012

'Three strikes' for UK's illegal downloaders

UK's top six broadband providers will be responsible for sending warnings to subscribers.
Featured News, Posted 28 Jun 2012

Reduced budgets? Increased impact!

At the MMIT conference, delegates heard about the range of web tools and other technologies that can help deliver high impact services.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Jun 2012

Why can't enterprise search be just like Google?

Personalisation, contextualisation and extracting meaning from Big Data are key trends in enterprise search.
Featured Articles, Posted 11 May 2012

Google's BigQuery launched

Official launch of data analytics service.
Featured News, Posted 05 May 2012

EC to consult on the Internet of Things

The European Commission wants to explore the best possible framework to realise the potential benefits of the Internet of Things.
Featured News, Posted 13 Apr 2012

Libraries, the digital squeeze and ebooks

Information Today publishes a range of journals, blogs, newsletters and books covering all aspects of the information space. Here we bring you some recent highlights.
Featured Articles, Posted 12 Apr 2012
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